Is Web Based Software In Your Future?
by Earl R. Dingman

If they start offer some real applications and solve some the problems, maybe... One of the first things they need to do is change the moniker. Web based software providers are properly called Application Service Providers (ASP) which also happens to be the anagram of a web page process known as Active Server Page (ASP) and this is going to confuse people. It certainly confused me!


Web Design

Optimizing Images for the Web
by Charles E. Brown / EWM PSI

Optimization is a reoccurring phrase in the Web vernacular. Image optimization is simply creating and using images for the Web that are designed with the Net in mind. This means you consider the way the images will perform on the Net. Performance on the Web usually means how long it takes to load a page. This is a necessary consideration because Web development is out pacing the technology that makes the Web accessible. In other words, our preoccupation with designing various types of Web content (images, text, objects, exc.) leads to advancements in Web authoring that are always technologically ahead of the Internet itself. This creates and maintains a need to design content for the Web that will survive and even thrive under the deficiencies of the Internet.


SSI, A Little Known Design Secret
by Kaya Casper

For most well-seasoned designers, Server-Side Includes(SSI) are no big secret. However, it is far from common knowledge among HTML newbies. One of the uses for SSI is "importing" the contents of an external file into your web pages.



Buying a Digital Camera
by Earl R. Dingman

Your key to understanding what to buy and why!


Science Center

The Heavens Above
By E.R.D.

Summer is not nearly as star-studded up there in the skies as it is in the winter months. Nonetheless there are a few interesting objects out that make for easy viewing.