Television and Video Special 2006

This year we look at the digital formats used world-wide and the types of TV sets you can buy including LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays), DLP (Digital Light Projection), Plasma and the old fashioned CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). We also look at the whole TV process from start to finish, with TV Revisited!

There are some new HD camcorders, priced as low as $700 at select retailers!

Digital still cameras are now offering SD video (standard format digital video) for under $200 and these can be a cost effective method of taking both stills and full motion video!

We check out Blu-Ray and HDDVD from past issues.

We look at the new U.S. Fall TV season, with a spotlight on two shows from NBC that take on Television – “Studio 90” and “30 Rock!”


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