The Truth About 9/11
Making the Case for Our Government's Involvement

(Part I of III)

To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. - Theodore Roosevelt


I imagine you've chosen to read this article for one of two reasons: You hope I can tell you something you don't know about what happened on September 11, 2001. Or, you think I can't. Or possibly both. On the other hand, you may simply be surprised to learn there is an alternative "truth" to everything you have been told about 9/11. After all, you read the paper, watch the nightly news, even listen to talk radio now and then. Why wouldn't they tell you everything they know about the greatest and most deadly attack on American soil?

I strongly suspect you know more about Paris Hilton than you do about 9/11. Not because you are more interested in shallow Hollywood gossip, but because the mainstream media is. Can you remember the last time you heard any actual news? Not a sex scandal, not the thirty-seventh update on the latest white female abductee, not some new legislation to protect us from our neighbor, or the latest political talking point. News; things that happened in the world which you should know about, things that might actually affect your life.

Let me give you an example. On the FBI's national web site ( there is a listing for Osama Bin Laden (they spell it "Usama"). If you view the list of crimes for which he is wanted you see that the attacks of 9/11 are not listed. In fact he is wanted for nothing more recent than 1998 and the deaths of "over 200 people." Go ahead and look. I'll wait.

You can call the FBI (I did); their number is on the web site. And if you ask them they will tell you what they told me: "The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama bin Laden's Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11."

No hard evidence? Whatever evidence there may have been - which was not sufficient for the FBI - was sufficient to send us to war in Afghanistan. In fact, on October 3, 2001 National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, said publicly that the administration was going to release their evidence that connected bin Laden to 9/11. To date they have released no such information. What's even more eye-opening, we have learned that in 2005 the CIA officially closed "Alec Station," the unit formed to hunt for bin Laden.

This is news. This is the kind of revelation that 10 or 20 years ago 60 Minutes would have devoted all 60 of its minutes to. But not today. Why? There are two big reasons.

The first is the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which was supposed to open the media industry up to greater competition, but in fact allowed a tiny number of giant corporations to own virtually all of America's TV, radio, print, and video outlets. Which means that all across the nation local and national news outlets speak in virtually one voice - a voice which can be purchased for a few corporate tax cuts. And who makes the tax cuts?

The second reason is fear. It used to be, if you were a good reporter and had a portfolio you could be proud of, you could get a job anywhere. So the more ambitious investigative reporters didn't worry if their sensational exclusive pissed off the sponsors or the top brass - they could just go to a competing paper which was more than happy to pick up a juicy exclusive. But where do you go when all of the papers are owned by one or two companies? So, unless you're Dan Rather, and have decades of solid reputation under your belt, you keep your nose squeaky clean. And look what happened to Dan Rather.

But if that isn't enough intimidation (and it's enough for about 90% of the mainstream media), there is President Bush himself, actually using his spokesmen (backed by presidential muscle) to threaten the press corps, "suggesting" that if they pursue certain lines of questioning, they will be blackballed. Don't believe me? Ask Helen Thomas.

There are even subtler and deadlier threats out there. Remember the anthrax letters of 2001? Do you remember who got them? Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, and the offices of every major network and several minor ones. And two other gentlemen of note.

On October 2nd, the U.S. Patriot Act was introduced in congress. Senate Democratic Majority Leader, Thomas A. Daschle, wanted to delay debate in the Senate until he and others could read the 300+ page bill. Meanwhile Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Democrat Patrick J. Leahy, warned that rushing this bill through would cause lawmakers to overlook serious constitutional flaws.

Within days, identical letters containing lethal doses of anthrax were sent to Daschle and Leahy. The Senate and House of Representative buildings were evacuated and sealed. The Patriot Act was rushed to a vote and passed.

The anthrax cases were never officially solved, but all of the anthrax was traced to a single laboratory in Ames, Iowa, where the FBI allowed the samples to be destroyed.

Fear is a powerful motivator. Remember Homeland Security's color-coded terrorist alert system? Yellow, orange, red. They were like a national siren: "Be afraid, stay afraid, fear everyone." Could something like that be used politically?

Tom Ridge, the Homeland Security Chief who invented the scheme, said he often felt that the evidence was too flimsy to justify raising the threat level, but that his department was overruled.

"More often than not we were the least inclined to raise it," Ridge told reporters. "Sometimes we disagreed with the intelligence assessment. Sometimes we thought even if the intelligence was good, you don't necessarily put the country on (alert). ... There were times when some people were really aggressive about raising it, and we said, 'For that?' "

We've all been manipulated by fear - motivated to vote for one candidate over another, motivated to accept without complaint ideas and laws that work against our own and our nation's self-interest, motivated to accept without complaint the news we are given. Add to that the ceaseless chorus of "conservative" talkers (who magically morphed from shock jocks to pundits without pausing to take a breath). This virtual army speaks in a single voice from every media source, branding any contrary thinker with a scarlet letter that can - and has - ended careers. The "liberal media" is as mythical and about as mighty as a frog prince, and anyone claiming to have been impacted by it belongs in the same ward as the Emperor and his new clothes.

There is yet a third reason to distrust the news you've been fed. On February 20, 2002, the Pentagon announced the existence of the Office of Strategic Information, which was "quietly set up after September 11" to plant false stories abroad, send phony e-mails from disguised addresses, and engage in other covert activities to manipulate public opinion. This announcement created such a public outcry that the OSI was declared closed only six days later. Soon thereafter the "temporary" Office of Global Communications was made permanent, taking over all of OSI's functions except (reportedly) the covert manipulation. However when discussing the closing of the OSI, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared, "I went down that next day and said fine, if you want to savage this thing fine I'll give you the corpse. There's the name. You can have the name, but I'm gonna keep doing every single thing that needs to be done and I have."

Do you still wonder if you've heard all the news? Don't - you haven't. Nobody has. 1984 is only 20 years late.

Then if you accept that there are truths left unspoken by a government with an agenda, it should be a short leap to the hidden truths of 9/11.

And there is a whole underground community to help you take that leap, called simply the 9/11 Truth Movement. This ever-growing movement was started when four 9/11 widows pushed our government to form an independent investigation. These "Jersey Girls" are the same women "pundit" Ann Coulter declared were "enjoying their husbands' deaths." Since 2001 the 9/11 Truth Movement has attracted thousands, many of them former and current U.S. military personnel, university professors, airline pilots, eye-witnesses, photo-journalists, videographers, award-winning investigative researchers and reporters, forensics specialists, and noted experts in every field. Many them have formed web sites and organizations of their own under the umbrella of the Truth Movement, to raise awareness, take action, or share conspiracy theories -,,, to list a few.

Many of these sites are valuable sources of collected information and ongoing analysis, where the lay public can see raw video footage, documentaries, white papers and order books and DVDs. But the sheer volume of them is cause for confusion, as conflicting theories compete for legitimacy. This is because, unlike the well-organized army of conservative pundits who speak in harmony, the 9/11 Truth Movement is a loose-knit swarm of individualistic mercenaries all trying to out-shout each other. The deeper one explores, the more it begins to feel as if some of these sites are just intent on winning the Rube Goldberg Award for the most outlandish and convoluted explanation of the events of 9/11. Or as some legitimately suspect, resourceful agents of a highly motivated opposition party are planting absurd theories to both discredit the Movement and to incite fighting among the non-comms.

Those of us seeking the truth about 9/11 cannot afford to be distracted by such bickering. Truth - just like liberty and freedom - must not only be fought for tooth and nail, but maintained at all costs. We put our trust in our leaders and gave away our own diligence, and the price we pay is news stories about Tom Cruise's baby in a time of global war. So I will break from many of my brethren in the 9/11 Truth Movement and report and pursue only those facts I can prove or confirm, and explore only those theories which can be reasonably supported with accepted science and forensics techniques.

In this first part of three I will explore the physical evidence of the three crash sites, and demonstrate why this evidence does not support the official story of what transpired on 9/11.

In Part II I will discuss the myriad of cases of unexplained behavior by officials responsible for the response to the events of 9/11 and others connected to those events, including the President and members of his cabinet. I will also discuss the many problems with the 9/11 Commission Report and with the committee and the investigation itself.

In Part III I will make the case for complicity, demonstrating how high-ranking members of our own government - including the President himself - not only had foreknowledge of the events of 9/11, but went out of their way to facilitate or even organize those events.

However before I can make such a bold and damning case for our governments' official involvement in the attacks of 9/11, I must carefully lay out the evidence. Which brings us to ….


Let me refresh your memory of September 11, 2001 with a brief timeline of the important events of that day.

7:59 am: Flight 11 takes off 14 minutes late
8:14 am: Flight 175 takes off 16 minutes late
8:20 am: Flight 77 takes off 10 minutes late
8:28 am: Flight 11 is a confirmed hijacking
8:37 am: Flight 11 enters New York control space; Boston flight control notifies NORAD
8:42 am: Flight 93 takes off 41 minutes late
8:46 am: Flight 11 hits the North Tower of the World Trade Center
8:50 am: Flight 175 heads for New York City
8:54 am: Flight 77 veers off course
8:56 am: Flight 77 transponder signal disappears; Flight 77 disappears from radar screens
9:03 am: Flight 175 crashes into WTC South Tower; millions watch live on television; Bush continues with photo-op
9:06-9:16 am: Bush reads pet goat story for nearly ten minutes
9:16-9:29 am: Bush works on speech with staff; makes no decisions
9:28 am: Cleveland flight control hears sounds of struggle as Flight 93 is hijacked
9:29 am: President Bush makes a scheduled speech; proclaims terrorist attack on our country
9:30 am: Langley fighters take off toward Washington; they could reach city in six minutes but take half an hour
9:30 am: Secret Service finally rushes bush out of school
9:37 am: Flight 77 turns, then disappears from radar; Flight 77 crashes into reinforced section of the Pentagon After 9:37 am: FBI confiscates film of Pentagon crash
9:40 am: Flight 93 transponder signal turned off; flight still closely tracked
9:50 am: Molten metal pours from South Tower
9:52 am: Firefighters reach 78th floor of South Tower; find two isolated fires
9:55-10:15 am: Langley fighters finally reach Washington; accounts of timing are contradictory 9:57 am: Passengers begin attempt to regain control of Flight 93
9:58 am: Ed Felt said to describe explosion and white smoke from bathroom call
Before 9:59 am: Gold transported through WTC basement; EMT worker given message that WTC towers are going to collapse; Giuliani apparently told WTC towers will collapse when fire chiefs think otherwise
9:59 am: South Tower of WTC collapses
9:59-10:28 am: Firefighters don't hear any message to evacuate North Tower
10:00 am: hijackers respond to passenger revolt
10:00-10:06 am: Flight 93 cell call listeners hear silence, strange sounds
10:06 am: Flight 93 crashes into Pennsylvania countryside
After 10:06 am: Fighter said to fly past Flight 93 crash site; witnesses report lack of plane wreckage at Flight 93 crash scene
After 10:06 am: Bush, told of Flight 93 Crash, wonders if it was shot down
10:15 am: Pentagon section collapses
10:28 am: WTC North Tower collapses
12:00 Noon: Senator Hatch repeats intelligence community's conclusion that Osama bin Laden is responsible
After 12:00 Noon: Larry Silverstein Tells fire department commander to 'pull' WTC 7
1:02 pm: Rumsfeld calls for war
2:00 pm: fighter pilot told Flight 93 was shot down
2:40 pm: Rumsfeld wants to blame Iraq
4:30 pm: WTC Building 7 area is evacuated
5:20 pm: WTC Building 7 collapses; cause remains unclear
8:30 pm: Bush gives third speech to nation, declares Bush Doctrine
9:00 pm: Bush meets with advisers, declares war without barriers
11:30 pm: Bush writes in his diary, "The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today. ... We think it's Osama bin Laden."

Let's explore the physical evidence of the three crash sites, in turn.


According to the official government inspected, government certified account, a hijacked Boeing 767 crashed into the upper third of each of the Twin Towers, a.k.a. WTC1 and WTC2. In both cases the airplanes, traveling at around 500 mph, blasted holes in the sides of the buildings several stories high and caused massive fires on those floors. The fires were intensely hot due to the presence of over 10,000 gallons of jet fuel still on board each plane.

It was reported that the fires were so hot that they melted each buildings' steel core structure and caused its upper third to collapse down onto its lower section, starting a chain reaction of floor-by-floor collapse. This is known as the "Pancake Theory."

To most people, this explanation sounds plausible. After all, jet fuel is an exotic high-tech mixture that surely must burn at thousands of degrees in order to push 90 ton jet planes through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour. Obviously the fires melted the steel; we all saw the towers billowing smoke before they collapsed.

But the difference between plausible and provable can be great. And there are a great many problems with the "plausible" theory. To wit:

The towers of the World Trade Center were uniquely designed with an exterior "steel tube" design, the center of each exterior column only 45 inches from those adjacent. Most steel frame hi-rises rely on interior support columns alone, but the WTC towers supplemented their 47 core support columns with 236 exterior support columns, providing multiple redundancy. The steel used in the construction of the towers had a melting point of about 2770° F. However, the "exotic" jet fuel used on AA 11 and UA 175 was only refined kerosene (also known as Jet-A), which even under the strict, controlled, oxygen-rich conditions inside a jet engine can only reach about 1800° F - nowhere near the 2770° required to melt the steel.

Even FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which conducted the investigations) admits in its report that the jet fuel largely burned off in the first two seconds, and completely burned off in less than five minutes. After that all that's left to burn is paper, carpet, furniture, curtains ... typical house-fire stuff. And house fires - even out-of-control blazes - average only around 900°-1200° F. In the World Trade Center the temperatures were likely even lower. If you examine images of the burning towers (you can find them all over the Internet), you will see that the smoke pouring out of them was black. Black smoke is a typical indication of oxygen-starved or low-temperature fires. The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) stated in its report that it found no evidence of temperatures over 1157° F and only rare instances of temperatures over 482°. In fact, shortly before the South Tower fell, firefighters reached the 78th floor - where Flight 175 struck - and found only two isolated fires.

While it's true that any temperature fire will eventually weaken the tensile strength of structural steel over time, this requires that the steel itself reach that temperature at its core - and that takes many hours of sustained application of heat. Remember that WTC2 fell less than an hour after impact, and WTC2 after less than two hours. This is not sufficient time for the fires to have caused structural collapse of the towers - even taking into account the structural damage already caused by the airplane impacts, which the buildings were originally designed to withstand (they were, in fact, designed to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707, which is slightly smaller but faster).

It should also be pointed out that no steel-framed hi-rise structure has ever collapsed due to fire. Consider the 62-story First Interstate Bank Building fire in Los Angeles in 1988. Even thought the fire raged for over three hours and completely gutted four floors, no part of the building collapsed. In 1991, One Meridian Plaza in downtown Philadelphia burned through nine floors over an 18 hour period. According to reports temperatures exceeded 1000° F, melting glass and aluminum window frames, and causing concrete floor slabs and steel beams to sag. Yet no part of the building ever collapsed. In 2005 the Windsor Building - the fourth tallest skyscraper in Madrid - burned for over 24 hours, reaching a temperature of 1472° F at its peak. Although several of the uppermost floors eventually sagged and collapsed onto the lower floors, the rest of the building remained standing. Compare this to a peak temperature of 1157° F and 56 minutes for WTC2.

But the World Trade Center towers did collapse, so something must have caused it. According to scores of eyewitnesses, multiple explosions rocked the towers before either of them fell.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, news crews from every network and countless local affiliates swarmed the area around the Twin Towers, reporting and interviewing anyone with a story to tell. Most of these segments were broadcast only once, live, never to be seen again. But a few individuals had the foresight to put a tape in their VCR that morning, and some of this original live footage made its way to filmmaker Dustin Mugford, who compiled much of it in his video, "September 11th Revisited." Here are a few of those on-the-spot eyewitness accounts:

"We never really even got that close to the building and the explosion blew and knocked everybody over." [CBS]

"The FBI is here as you can see. They have roped this area off. They were taking photographs and securing this area just prior to that huge explosion that we all heard and felt." [Fox News]

"It just went ba-boom, it was like a bomb went off, and it was like holy hell coming down them stairs, and then when we finally got to the bottom we were coming out ... and another explosion came...sent everyone flying..." [CNN]

It may no longer be possible to verify these testimonies at this late date. However on August 12, 2005, the New York Court of Appeals ordered the release of a collection of oral testimonies of 503 firefighters and medical workers taken in interview form by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). Here are some samples:

"I felt the ground shake, I turned around and ran for my life. I made it as far as the Financial Center when the collapse happened." [Lonnie Penn, E.M.T.]

"I started walking back up towards Vesey Street. I heard three explosions, and then we heard like groaning and grinding, and tower two started to come down." [Kevin Darnowski, paramedic]

"… all of a sudden you just heard, like it almost actually that day sounded like bombs going off, like boom, boom, boom, like seven or eight … this is before the actual collapse happened." [Thomas Turilli, firefighter, F.D.N.Y.]

Possibly the most damning testimony comes from William Rodriguez, a WTC janitor for 20 years. On the morning of September 11, Rodriguez was in sub-level 1 of the North Tower when he and at least 14 others felt a massive explosion in the lower levels, below. "When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and it everything started shaking. Seconds after the first massive explosion below in the basement still rattled the floor I hear another explosion from way above. Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower, it occurred moments after the first explosion." Seconds later co-worker Felipe David ran into the office with severe burns on his face and arms, screaming, "Explosion! Explosion! Explosion!"

"He was burned terribly," said Rodriguez. "The skin was hanging off his hands and arms. His injuries couldn't have come from the airplane above, but only from a massive explosion below. I don't care what the government says."

What makes all of these and other similar testimonies especially significant is that they are corroborated by the video and scientific analysis of the collapses, while the official story is not. To put it bluntly, the physics simply do not support the contention that fire brought down two massively over-engineered steel-framed buildings. But they do support controlled demolition of the towers.

The combined application of physics, frame-by-frame video scrutiny and laboratory analysis of physical debris do not merely suggest controlled demolition - they virtually prove it. Here are the salient points:

OThe towers fell at free-fall speed, without even the negligible resistance of friction. A "pancake" collapse implies that the weight of the upper floors would crush the lower floors one by one. On September 11, the 110 floor towers collapsed in less than 15 seconds. If each floor took only a half of a second to resist, the building should have taken more than 50 seconds to fall.

OVideos show multiple examples of explosive "squibs" blowing out several floors below the level of the actual collapse. These are indicative of pre-placed cutter charges inside the building, cutting the core structure in advance of the progressing collapse.

ODebris, including 30 foot steel beams, was ejected horizontally over 200 feet from the falling towers. Steel beams from the south tower were found embedded 20 floors up the side of 3 World Financial Center (the Amex Tower), across the freeway from the World Trade Center.

OWith very few exceptions, all of the steel core and exterior columns were neatly cut into 30 foot lengths, which was a convenient length for hauling them away. Controlled Demolition, Inc., a company that demolishes structures all over the world - and coincidentally the company hired to oversee the WTC cleanup - states in its publicity: "Our DREXSTM systems ... segment steel components into pieces matching the lifting capacity of the available equipment."

O According to experts, the most likely - or possibly only - process capable of quickly cutting through structural steel is thermate, a mixture which causes a rapid exothermic reaction typically reaching 4,500° F almost instantly. Brigham Young University physics professor, Steven Jones positively identified thermate residue on steel remains from the WTC.

OAt 9:50 am molten steel is seen pouring from an opening high up the South Tower, where molten metal could not possibly exist without the use of thermate or some other super-hot exothermic reaction. Liquid aluminum from the plane - which has a much lower melting point - is ruled out, as aluminum is not bright yellow in liquid form.

O Six to eight weeks after September 11th cleanup crews were still digging yellow-hot molten steel from the sub-basements of the World Trade Center . In order to be this color, the metal must be around 1900° F. This metal contained high levels of sulpher, which was not used in the construction of the towers, but which would be expected in a thermate reaction.

O The towers were pulverized to flour-like dust in mid-air, which is in direct contradiction to the official explanation that the crushing weight of the upper floors caused the collapse; nothing of sufficient weight remained to stress the floors below.

O Pyroclastic dust clouds (fluid, rolling, rapidly spreading clouds) only occur in violent, hot explosions, such as volcanoes. However this type of cloud occurred on September 11 when the towers fell. An analysis of the volume and speed of the pyroclastic flows on 9/11 using basic physics demonstrates that the gravitational energy available from the elevated towers was not nearly sufficient to produce such clouds.

It is simply not physically, chemically, thermodynamically or metallurgically possible for plane crashes and 60-100 minute fires to reduce two 110-story buildings to identical piles of fine rubble. Any one of the above points should be enough to initiate a legal investigation into the use of pre-planted explosives in the World Trade Center. All eight of them are enough to convict.

But how (I hear you demand) could 19 Muslim men armed only with boxcutters possibly plant and wire the thousands of charges needed to bring down the Twin Towers? They couldn't - that's the point. More about this, and the unexplained collapse of WTC Building 7, in Part II.


The case of the attack at the Pentagon is equally suspicious, and the official story equally unlikely - but for a reason opposite to that of the World Trade Center. Whereas the WTC provided an abundance of physical and video evidence for analysis, the Pentagon yielded almost none. Not even the bare minimum one would expect to find connected with a major jetliner crash.

Among the evidence not found at the Pentagon:

O 60+ tons of Boeing 757 - no seat cushions, no wings, no tail, no 6 ton titanium engines. Plane crashes are messy, and a 757 is a massive piece of equipment. If a 757 crashed into the Pentagon you would expect to see a large field of debris littered with huge chunks of twisted, scorched metal. With the exception of very few pieces - one wheel, part of a landing gear, a piece of an engine rotor - virtually all of the debris could be picked up by hand and showed no fire damage.

O Jet fuel - no environmental toxic clean-up. If tens of thousands of gallons of jet fuel had been spilled at the site of the crash, the EPS would have required such a cleanup of the soil. Also, some witnesses claimed to have smelled "gunpowder" or cordite (an artillery propellant) at the site, rather than jet fuel.

O Bodies - no body parts, no blood, nor any urgency on the part of officials on the scene to locate or treat crash victims. There were, naturally, victims within the offices of the Pentagon, however there appeared to be no passengers at the crash site. The victims of Flight 77 were later identified via DNA , even though the accepted account claims the fire from the crash completely evaporated the plane they rode in on.

O Luggage - no clothing, no suitcases, no shoes, no personal effects. As I said, plane crashes are messy. Except this one.

O Impact hole - no hole large enough for an entire plane to disappear into (since virtually no debris remained behind on the lawn). Before the collapse of a large section of the Pentagon about 20 minutes after the initial crash, the only hole through the building's façade was about 18 feet in diameter and centered on the second floor. The diameter of the fuselage of a 757 is about 12 feet. But the wingspan is about 125 feet, and the tip of the tail is about 44 feet from the ground. If they did not get left behind on the lawn, where did they go?

O Fire damage - no damage consistent with a fire hot enough to completely consume a 60+ ton airplane (since virtually no debris remained behind on the lawn). After the damaged section of the Pentagon collapsed, the interior directly above the crash became exposed, showing office furniture, computers, even books completely untouched by fire.

O Video - none of the 85 surveillance and security video tapes confiscated by the FBI from various traffic cams, hotels and gas stations have been released (although the Department of Defense did finally release two clips from the Pentagon's own security cameras - out of dozens - which artfully avoid showing anything).

While it is true that a lack of evidence can not positively prove anything, it is nevertheless disturbing and suspect - particularly when you consider that our government has in its possession a bonanza of video evidence which could presumably prove the validity of the official story. The bottom line is that - aside from what may be on those videos - there appears to be no physical evidence to support the official story that American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, crashed into the Pentagon.

Those few larger pieces of debris I mentioned earlier - part of a small engine, part of a landing gear, a wheel - might be from a 757. Or they might be from one of any number of other aircraft, both civilian and military. As for the rest of the debris, several small, twisted pieces of metal were found with what appears to be hull lettering consistent with an American Airlines 757. What is odd about these lettered pieces - aside from the lack of fire damage - is that there were so many. As one researcher put it, "80% of the evidence outside the Pentagon [was] covered in lettering when in reality only about 1.7% of the entire aircraft actually has lettering."

The other thing that was conspicuously missing from the Pentagon attack on 9/11 was the anti-aircraft defense system. More on this in Part II.


Insomuch as any one thing can be called the Enigma of September 11th, it is United Flight 93 and its subsequent crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The crash of Flight 93 left even less evidence, had fewer witnesses, and posed more questions than any of the other plane crashes on 9/11.

Eerily similar to AA 77 at the Pentagon, where suspiciously little recognizable airplane debris was recovered, and AA 11 and UA 175 at the World Trade Center where virtually no airplane debris was identified, the crash site of UA 93 did not appear to have involved an airplane.

"There was no plane. There was what you see, a hole - and that is the dirt that the airliner threw out - and the hole, about 6 meters deep ... and that was all there was." [Ernie Stull, Mayor of Shanksville, PA]

"It didn't look like a plane crash because there was nothing that looked like a plane." [Homer Barron, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

"There's a crater gouged in the earth, the plane is pretty much disintegrated. There's nothing left but scorched trees." [Mark Stahl, CNN]

To be sure, something crashed in Shanksville. Many eyewitnesses saw the approach of an airplane. But, as in every other case on 9/11, 1) nothing was left that could positively identify the plane that crashed, and 2) no formal investigation was made to reconstruct the crash.

Flight 93 is infamous for the many cell phone and air-phone calls and the reconstructed story of the passengers fighting back with the rallying cry of "Let's roll." But one of those calls was not publicized, and perhaps this call is the single most important piece of eyewitness testimony to the fate of Flight 93. First Class passenger, Edward Felt, called 9-1-1 from the plane's bathroom and reported that "heard some sort of explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane."

This was not the work of boxcutters. In fact this call, the testimony of other eyewitnesses to the crash, and the condition of the crash site itself all conspire - if you'll pardon the pun - to suggest that Flight 93 was shot down. For example:

"... residents reported hearing the doomed jetliner flying over at a low altitude before 'falling apart on their homes.'

'People were calling in and reporting pieces of plane falling,' a state trooper said.

Jim Stop reported he had seen the hijacked Boeing 757 fly over him as he was fishing. He said he could see parts falling from the plane." [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

As stated before, very little debris could be seen at the crash site; in fact debris - including two engines - was found up to 8 miles from the actual point of impact. However - again reminiscent of Flight 77 at the Pentagon - bodies did not initially appear to be in evidence at the crash site:

"I stopped being coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there. It became like a giant funeral service." [Wallace Miller, Sommerset County Coroner, Washington Post]

"This is the most eerie thing," [Wallace Miller] says. "I have not, to this day, seen a single drop of blood. Not a drop." [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

This is actually not all that surprising when you consider that the plane struck the ground at an estimated 575 mph, heading almost straight down . In fact, the coroner estimates only about 8% of the total body mass of all 44 people on board UA 93 was ever found, in small, scorched pieces. Likewise, most debris found from the plane was tiny, the largest pieces being smaller than a briefcase.

What is surprising then, considering these facts, is the abundance of identifiable items that were found, virtually undamaged. A red bandana (allegedly used by the hijackers according to the popular story) , the personal effects of CeeCee Lyles, a flight attendant on UA 93 , photographs, wallets with currency, purses and their contents , and a "hijacker instructions" letter, written in Arabic (which was found in two other places, in luggage conveniently left behind by hijackers allegedly on Flights 11 and 77 ) - all virtually unburned and intact.

Compare this to the fact that much of the evidence "proving" that AA 77 hit the Pentagon did not appear to have been burned in the "intense" fires, and that an unusually high percentage of the plane debris at the Pentagon had surface paint to aid in identification. Also compare this to the fact that the passport of alleged Flight 11 hijacker, Satam al Suqami, was "discovered" among the rubble of the World Trade Center within hours of the towers' collapse. Coincidence?


If nothing else, the collective analysis of the physical evidence points away from the "official" account of the events of September 11, 2001. This alone suggests a cover-up. Suggestions of cover-ups are nothing new, even outside the relatively insular world of conspiracy theorists. And certainly a lack of evidence supporting the "official story" is no substitute for conclusive evidence supporting a cover-up. However in this case we have evidence that efforts were made by officials to obstruct and strong-arm the investigations and to cherry-pick the conclusions - evidence supporting a cover-up.

More on this in Part II.

John Berkowitz is a Publications Director, graphic designer, writer, and independent investigator intent on spreading the truth about 9/11. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two children.

(All temperatures quoted in citations have been converted to Fahrenheit: [°F] = [°C] x 9/5 + 32) Excerpted from:¬Found=true¬Found=true¬Found=true