Plasma TV

Patterned after Neon and Fluorescent lighting, this uses an electric charge through a variety of gases inside of tubes to create a glow.

On the positive side the brightness (which diminishes with age), contrast, color blend, color saturation, give a very intense black and the viewing angle are far greater than LCD screens. They also have large screen size (over 100).

On the down side Plasma degrades rapidly with age. After only 2,000 hours of viewing (about one year of average TV time in a household) the brightness starts to diminish. The lifetime of the sets, however, is rated at better than 15 years, which tends to out perform CRT screens.

These are also fragile and heavy to move or mount, as compared to LCD screens.

The refresh and lag time is far better than with LCD screens, but still shy of the CRT.

The real down side is expense.

It should also be noted that in a recent survey the average modern woman would rather receive a gift of a Plasma TV set than a diamond necklace!



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