Illegal Immigrants

Let's start with the first word: Illegal.

I suppose I could quote Webster or Funk and Wagnall's at this point, but let's try another approach.

Illegal Entry. Someone comes into your home without your consent. They find a loose door or an open window and they just come in, you know like Goldie Locks did to the three bears, sleeping in their bed and eating their porridge. Worse, they break in and steal from you.

Don't give me the Santa Claus routine, we set out stockings, cookies and milk for that big Elf! He's invited!

Most of us agree illegal entry is a no-no, they why we have alarm systems and big dogs. That's also why some people have guns, the law says you can legally shoot anyone making an illegal entry into your home!

Illegal maneuver. In driving we call that "cutting you off" or driving down the center island or shoulder of the road. It sure gets you past congested traffic, but most of us agree it's a no-no.

Illegal drugs. In most places that is something like heroin, LSD, "roofies" (the date rape drug), ecstasy, crack, etc. You really want your 15 year old daughter to go to a party and get some of this stuff openly or behind her back?

Illegal goods. That's the stuff the person who broke into your home took back to their home. Your stereo, your TV, your camcorder, you diamond jewelry.

Illegal wealth. That's the $5,000 a week a drug dealer makes selling crack to the kids at school who then re-sell it or give it to your 15 year old daughter. That's what they said Martha Stewart got when she did insider trading and she did time in jail of all that stuff! Some Enron executives and associates also got away with this, while the employees and users of electricity took a bath in losses.

This gets us back to Illegal Aliens. These are people who make Illegal Entry into a country, often by making Illegal Maneuvers, they quite often come from countries known for dealing in, making, packaging or selling Illegal Drugs and running organizations that funnel Illegal Goods back into the market place, such as automotive chop shops that put new vehicle numbers on the Mercedes someone stole from your house after they made an Illegal entry and as a result of all this Illegal stuff there is a lot of illegal wealth being made by smugglers, forgers, drivers and the big boss man, who remains legally in his country of origin and lives high off the hog from the suffering of others as a result of their Illegal actives.

Now, let's take a look at the flip side of the coin. I know one person from Zagreb Croatia, another from Iran and another from Lebanon. All three came into this country legally.

In the case of the Iranian and Croatian, both originally went to Canada first, because Canada has easier immigration laws. They both became Canadian citizens and eventually put in for immigration status to the United States either to work to as permanent residents. It took them about 10 years to get into the United States legally!

In the case of the man from Lebanon, he came her to go to school on a student Visa and then put in for permanent residency after her got is BS degree in Electronics with a Computer minor.

Now, how do you think all these Legal Aliens feel when they see people sneaking over the borders illegally, then establishing a power base in America and rallying hundreds of thousands of people to force Congress to turn Illegal into Legal.

Maybe we should just open the prisons and let all the other Illegal people roam the streets free and clear!


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