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Astrology Tips


Did you know there are six aspects that can be considered an important influence on an hour by hour basis? The aspects are conjunction, semi-sextile, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, and opposition.  Aspects are separated by degrees and are soft (positive), neutral or hard (negative).   An aspect forms between planets, which then forms a vibration that influences you. In order to understand how the vibration could affect you it’s necessary to know the nature of both the planets and the aspects and the angle or degree of relationship. It would be helpful to pick up a calendar, which shows the daily changing aspects, which affect all of us.  If you have a chart, check and see if any of your chart aspects match the daily aspects on the calendar as this can have a powerful effect on your life. 


Aries   May 21 – April 19


September  – You grow happy this month with a fresh start and you remember how to have fun.  You won’t lose your footing this time.


Keyword: Jollity


October  – You’ve conquered so many fears baby Aries it’s only logical you will eventually conquer them all.  Let the spirit guide you.

Keyword:  Valiant


Taurus    April 20 – May 20


September – How do you say in words what has already been said with the eyes?  You don’t have too.  Let your body language conduct the symphony.


Keyword:  Style


October – Working harder than everyone else doesn’t always win the prize.  Find another way to prove your self worth this month.

Keyword:  Travail


Gemini   May 21 – June 21


September – You may be asked to subdue your actions but it won’t be for long.  Sit still and you will gain more freedom to do what you really want.


Keyword: Imperturbability


October – Beware of old sweethearts knocking at your door all at the same time this month.  You may want to take a holiday.


Keyword: Ensnare


Cancer   June 22 – July 22


September – If you’re confused about love don’t feel bad.  We are all in the same boat.  What’s important is that you don’t give up on happiness.  You’re in good company.


Keyword: Persist


October – You will travel this year and this month will show you where you will go.  Break out the darts and the maps.  Go with the yellow tips.

Keyword: Navigate


Leo   July 23 – August 22


September – Your influence on someone you haven’t seen in years is cherished.  The years were long but didn’t come between you.


Keyword: Juncture


October – You will get what it is you seek and it will be in the way you wish.  Spend these next few weeks boxing the ideas.

Keyword: Correlation


Virgo   August 23 – September 22


September Write something for someone but don’t give it to him or her until the end of the month.  Let your imagination prepare the way.

Keyword: Ingenuity

October – You will be happier if you’re on the outside of something you love rather than on the inside of something you could care less about.  Real acceptance will come if you stay on your path this month.

Keyword: Shore


Libra   September 23 – October 22


September – The people and creatures that love you demand your attention.  I wouldn’t tell them to take a number because they won’t go for it.  Better plan an event to include everybody.   

Keyword: Beanfeast


October – You can’t activate your life by calling a 1- 800 number.  Turn all the gadgets off and entreat the creator.  Your call won’t be answered by a prerecorded message.  I promise!


Keyword: Prayer


Scorpio   October 23 – November 21


September – Flattery is like a dead fish in a closed car.  Everyone can smell it. Silence is prized over insincere chatter.


Keyword: Uncontrived


October – You may be asked to visit a cemetery this month. There are more than just the dead buried there. Embrace the poetry, history and beloved memories.


Keyword: Sepulcher


Sagittarius   November 22 – December 21


September – If you’ve been labeled the village idiot they won’t expect your genius and consequently won’t get in the way of your plans.




October – Clean the house because you are about to have some unexpected company and you really don’t want them to see what’s under the bed.


Keyword: Unplanned


Capricorn   December 22 – January 19


September – Your gentility and kindness will overwhelm like the ocean waves and contain the thoughts of the people in perpetual serenity.

Keyword: Sublime


October – The birds remain in their nests and singing soars from the highest branch.  Open your window and listen to the loyalty.

Keyword: Rapt


Aquarius   January 20 – February 18


September – An apple in your hand is better than a bird in the bush. (I don’t think that’s how it goes), but if you’ve got an apple this would be a good time to eat it.


Keyword:  Abstract


October – You would think that being brilliant, clever and witty would be enough, but alas it isn’t.  Go with the standard.  Flowers and chocolate for her or season tickets for him.


Keyword:  Protocol


Pisces  February 19 – March 20


September – You may feel like your spinning out of orbit when you’re actually taking your place with proper alignment and the gravity will make you stronger.

Keyword: Force


October – Allow the strings to your heart to connect to the spirit and your movements will be harmonious with the one that loves you.


Keyword: Moor

Always with love!


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