Problems With Yahoo IM 7

Warning: Upgrade with care! Yahoo IM 7 may not be stable, especially with older systems and you can experience crashes, plus you could lose half your IM communications abilities.

Before Yahoo IM 7 I had no problems doing IM with my friends. I could carry on voice communications. Send files. Send pictures.

Several people I knew upgraded from 6 to 7 and thatís when the problems began. I could no longer send them files nor could they send me files. So I upgraded to 7 myself and the problems got even worse!

Now, I canít talk with anyone over the IM. The IM PC to PC phone doesnít work for me. If I attempt to even try to select a file to send, it closes IM 7 down Ė quite rudely, I might add.

Iíve had the same problems with upgrades of AIM (the AOL IM service) and I think itís largely due to the fact Iím still using Windows 98SE and everyone else is using XP and the programming tools are not totally backwards compatible. It could also be all the viruses causing both Yahoo and AOL to add types of firewalls to help prevent this problem, but that doesnít explain my crashes.

Even if I find and go back to IM 6 I still wonít be able to exchange pictures and files nor possibly do voice chat with anyone.

I currently have no problems with text messaging and viewing of web cams. The problem centers around file transfer protocols (FTP) which have a lot to do with OCX and DLL files and mine are 1998 vintage Windows while everyone else is using 2001 or later vintage XP.

XP will not work on my system. I get error messages and warnings that because of unsupported hardware and drivers on my 1998 system I will lose almost all my functions, hence I never upgraded. Plus, I donít like all the back doors in Windows XP.

As I said, upgrade with care. If you donít upgrade you wonít be able to share files and pictures. If you do upgrade you might start crashing and still canít send files and pictures. You may also loose the ability to chat with microphones.

Yahoo IM 7 has some problems and itís going to take a lot of complaining, a lot of people going to other third party tools and months before Yahoo will wake up and smell the roses. This same exact problem also happened with IM 6 in first release and a lot of people put up web sites and posts telling how their systems crashed.

The best thing to do is tell all your friends NOT to upgrade, if possible, and keep their Yahoo IM 6 until Yahoo issues a new upgrade and repairs the problems. If eveyrone keeps their Yahoo 6 you can still file exchange, still use voice and still be free of crashes. Anyone who upgrades is no longer compatible with Yahoo 6 except for text IM -- which is crazy! Why no backwards compatibility?

Upgrade with care... You have been warned!


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