Whose Constitution Is It, Anyway?

The Iraq Constitution issue or, to put it more directly, controversy is really starting to grate on my nerves!

Whose Constitution is it, anyway?

For starters the Sunni’s boycotted the election. Now they are moaning because they aren’t getting what they wanted due to lack of strength in Parliament. Gee, tough, too bad! Next time get out and vote!

The United States ain’t happy about all the things in the document either. Gee, tough, too bad! It ain’t your country.

The Shiites and Kurds aren’t getting what they want. Gee, tough, too bad! In the words of Mick Jagger, you can’t always get what you want!

The next line of that song is even more to the point. “But if you try, you just might find you get what you need!”

The United States Constitution was not a perfect document. The original made second class citizens out of women, children, Indians and blacks. They were referred to as “other persons” in the document and only for the allocation of representatives in a state. There were no specified “rights” of the people only articles covering how Government worked. The hot bed issue of slavery was taboo until a period of time had elapsed and then the government had to formally bring forth an amendment to change things, which did happen around 1860, long after the line in the sand was draw into the document.

The Constitution was put forth in this matter because it was felt it would be ratified any other way. The “Bill of Rights” was to be put forth as amendments and in some instances it took years and years and years to get those issues ratified. As for the issue of Women’s rights, we voted that down. There was a Constitutional amendment in the United States and it failed to get ratified by the specified time limit, so there are no specific constitutional rights for Women in the U.S. of A.

I still don’t understand the “worries” about Federalism. I was under the impression that that United States was a Federalist nation. Texas, Alaska, California and a few other states that have oil reserves under the ground do have the autonomous right to exploit those natural resources, however the United States government controls all interstate transit, all imports and exports and enacts a thing called Taxes to distribute the wealth of people, businesses and resources for the “general welfare” of the nation and it’s people. What’s wrong with that approach? Texas does all the work with its own people pulling the oil out of the ground and Uncle Sam takes a share to help keep the war efforts and welfare state running.

See, that’s government in action!

The Iraqi’s could have done this and maybe should have done this, but at the current point, didn’t learn that lesson. Some items of hot, debated issue should have been put off for say 5 or 10 years. I mean let’s face it, if they said in the Constitution that all natural resources remain under control of the central government for the welfare of the entire nation, well think of it! Who runs that government? Shiites and Kurds. Who has all the oil? Shiites and Kurds! Duah! What, did the Sunni’s think that they were going to get total control over the oil? That the Constitution would say “And the Sunni’s shall decided what to do with all the oil under the ground!” Come on, people, give me a break! What kind of drugs are you on?

They could have put the oil, Kurdish problem and even some of the hard core religious issues off for a few years, to allow the people to settle down, go to the polls, vote and learn what things were like under this type of government. Then the Kurds and Shiites would have had to go out and do what politicians in every country has to do! Schmoose. Kiss babies. Lie through their front teeth. Lobby!

By the year 2010 the Sunni’s would start winning some elections and have some real power to help make a “coalition” government. They also would have enjoyed a few years of socialized oil. Then they could make a political fight over turning the oil operations over to the “states” or not.

Let’s remember that in the United States California ranks as one of the top 10 nations in the world as far as gross income is concerned. Some states don’t even qualify for the list, but due to government everyone who wants to be productive has shoes on their feet, eats something, can pray (or not pray) to the diet of their choosing and has fair access to jobs and housing. Governments and people evolve. It must or they face civil war or dissolution of the government, as happened under the Articles of Confederation.

The Iraqi people have a long way to go before realize just how nations work. I mean, the Sunni areas should start making oil refinery parts and sending people to the U.S. to learn engineering in Universities so that one day when a Kurdish oil well stops dead a Sunni tech can arrive with a bill for showing up and travel time, $1 million, just like the Photo Copier repair people do in this country.

Don’t get mad. Get even!

That’s not the American way. That’s the way most of the world works and it seems to work just fine. It’s called politics.

But the point still remains, whose Constitution is it anyway? The Shiites? The Kurds? The Americans? The Sunnis? Or the nation of Iraq, as a whole?


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