2005 Digital Video and Television Special

Weíre entering a whole new era starting in 2006 with the beginnings of Digital Television (DTV) which will replace your current television by about 2012, which means youíre going to need a new TV set.

HDTV is making stronger in-roads with sets priced from $500 and every station now simulcasting in this format during prime time hours along with some daytime shows now in HD. HDTV while similar to DTV is, however, different and older HDTV sets may not be able to receive the newer DTV broadcasts, but that wonít leave too many of you in the dark...

DVD camcorders have become almost affordable, but there are some drawbacks to this format over the DV tapes used by other types of digital camcorders.

Speaking of DVD next year will debut the two new HD formats that are competing for industry attention: HD DVD and Blu Ray. Yes, folks, were back to that tired old race of which is better VHS or Beta? Letís hope the DVD makers donít leave everyone out in the dark as if history holds anything for us to know itís that only one of these formats may end up the big winner...

MPEG4 is starting to cause a buzz among consumers and while there isnít much in the way of hardware nor are there any super high quality units, things like the Aiptek digital camera/camcorder may be a glimpse of next technology, providing we can get the cost of chip storage down...

New computer technology stands to make home video and HD video editing far easier with 64 bit technology, faster processing and new super high speed hard drives available right now and at prices almost anyone can afford (plus we preview the new Windows Operating System which will be the platform for editing of videos starting in 2007)...

Finally we look at the new offerings from the U.S. television networks who seem to be doing a lot of cloning of popular shows in the motif of CSI, Law and Order or Lost...

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