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Major Earthquake Hits Pakistan and India
The 7.9 quake was centered 60 miles from Islamibad in Pakistan and reduced villages to rubble, toppled a 10 story apartment in Islamibad. The quake was felt as far away as India and Afghanistan.

20 Dead From Sinking Boat
A commercial cruise ship carrying close to 50 passengers on a senior citizens tour capsized and sank in Lake George. Located in upstate New York the boat is now about 70 feet down. It is suspected that a larger boat came close to this vessel and cause turbulence. At lest 20 are dead and 24 were taken to a nearby hospital.

Abu Azzam Killed
Abu Azzam (Abdallah Najim Abdallah Muhammad al-Juwari), who is thought to be the #2 person in the Iraqi al-Qaeda movement and leader of the Baghdad faction, has said to have been killed by multi-national forces in a planned attack.

Retail Groups Sue Visa and Mastercard
Claiming that both credit card companies and key banking institutions including Chase, Bank of America and others conspired to fix high fees and prices for services related to accepting these credit cards. The suit, filed under U.S. Anti-Trust laws, was made in New York Federal District Court.

Comic Don Adams Dies
Best known to TV viewers are Maxwell Smart, a secret agent with CONTROL, the actor and comic died today from a lung infection. He was in his 80's.

100,000 Protest War In D.C.
As President Bush's handling of the war is being questioned more and more by citizens, over 100,000 people protested the war and asked that the troops be brought home. Among the crowd was Rev. Jessie Jackson.

Rita Drenches Louisiana and Texas
Hurricane Rita, which is now heading for land and growing a little weaker, is putting rain into Louisiana, flooding the city of New Orleans which has just started to dry out last week, and is moving into Texas were millions are fleeing from the storm which is due to come on to land by daybreak.

Rita Become Major Hurricaine
While not yet over major population areas, Rita is building speed as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico where the warmer waters feed the frenzy. It brushed past the Florida Keys and Cuba with minimal damage but may yet strike the Louisiana or Texas areas...

Texans Leave Ahead of Rita
Costal cities and towns in Texas are being evacuated along with parts of inland Houston, the city where many Katrina victims have been relocated.

Buses are moving in to take out everyone and move them to higher, safer ground.

Simon Wiesenthal Dies
The lone survivor in his family of the Nazi death camps where six million European Jews met torture and death during World War II. Wisensenthal spearheaded the movement of hunting down Nazi war criminals, bringing many to the courts and helping others to do the same. A museum in Los Angeles, documenting the treatment of Jews by the Nazi regime, bears his name.

Robert Wise Dies
The director of "The Sound of Music," "West Side Story," "Sand Pebbles," "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and "Star Trek The Motion Picture" died today at the age of 91. He began his career in the editorial department and rose to the rank of film editor working on film such as "Citizen Kane" with director Orson Wells. He then got tapped to be a second unit and B movie director, finally becoming a "A" list director.

Bob Denver Dies

Bob Denver Dies
The comic actor best remembered as Gilligan and Maynard G. Krebs in the "Dobie Gills" show died at the age of 70. Besides working in films and TV he also did Broadway stage, taking over for Woody Allen to star in "Play It Again Sam" in the 1970s. Born in New York, transplanted to Los Angeles, Denver moved to North Carlolina during his "hiatus" or semi-retirment periods.

Bush Nominates Roberts To Chief Justice
President Bush has upped the ante on Roberts from that of Justice to Chief Justice, an act that will certainly draw far more intense fire from Democrats as the Chief Justice has more powers and weight in the Supreme Court.

Teenage Girls Held In Latest Paris Fire
Unidentified teenage girls are being held in the latest apartment building fire in Paris, France. In recent times several intermin apartments which house immigrants have seen arson fires. This current one is beleived to have started in the building mailbox area.

Senator Bill Frist, MD, Treats Katrina Victims
U.S. Senator Bill Frist, a major player in the political arena, possible Presidential candidate and licensed Physician has gone to Louisiana to help treat the victims at shelters in the hurricane striken area.

Indonisian Airliner Crashes; Almost 180 Dead
A Boeing 737-200 crashes in a residential area in the city of Medan killing roughly 117 on board and at least 60 on the ground. There were six survivors, all in the back of the plane. The plane was gaining altitude and retracting its landing gear when it fell to the ground in overcast skies and stormy weather. Wind, weather or possible "stall out" conditions could be the possible causes. An official investigation is underway.

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justic Rehnquist Dies
The youngest (age 47) and one of the most conservative members to be appointedto the Supreme Court, died of cancer at the age of 80. He spent the last 33 years on the court and is the only survivor of classic decisions incuding Roe v Wade (the abortion issue). A champion of states rights and religious issues, even though some of his favorites failed to pass court muster, he is one of only two court Justices to have ever served on an impechment trial (President Clinton, the previous one was for President Johnson in the late 1800's).

His pass now leaves two vacancies, plus the nomination of a new Chief Justice for conservative President Bush to fill in the court, which will probalby turn the court very conservative.

London Terrorist Attackers Release Video
A video from the man who everyone thinks masterminded the 7/7 attacks on transportation in London, Mohammad Sidique Khan, spoke in a pre-recorded video (he is beleived dead in the suicide attack) claiming responsibility and aligning himself with al-Qaida, whose second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, also spoke on that video tape.

A pledge of more attacks against the "West" was promised.

Lootings, Shootings and Fires Amidst Dead in Louisiana
A million people evacuated from New Orleans prior to Katrina, but thousands stayed and are now in make-shift shelters, including at the Astrodome in Texas. Looting is rampant. Rescue workers, including fire fighters and evacuation helicopters are being shot at by unknown persons with unknown motives. New Orleans is still under 8 feet or more of water and it is feared it could takes weeks or even months to restore the city to a point where people can go back and pick up the pieces.

FEMA Photo of flooding in Louisiana

It is estimated that 1000+ people have died in Louisiana and Mississippi since the start of the week.

Gas prices have shot up $1, largely a result of dozens of refineries and oil rigs lost or damaged off the Gulf Coast. Price gougers have been charging up to $5 a gallon of gas.

Thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed and the local New Orleans Police are not concentrating on restoring law and order instead of evacuation and rescue.

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