Iraqi: Why Are We Rushing Things?

I’m not really sure why there is such a hard and fast deadline on the Iraq Constitution and government, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Did anyone give the United States a deadline for creating the Constitution after Confederation failed?

The U.S. seems to feel that the problems will all go away after a Constitution is created, but now things are getting worse and worse. Over 600 people got trampled because someone yelled “bomber” in their midst. Most of the Sunni’s are opposed to the draft Constitution and are out to defeat it, which basically means they are opposing the U.S. wishing openly and in mass. It’s no longer just some insurgents from other countries stirring up the mix, now it’s local Sunni’s creating the dissent.

We should have let the framers of the Constitution take a reasonable amount of time, even if it took until the next year, to draft a document most people could at least get behind.

The Sunni faction better realize that if civil war breaks out they don’t have, if you’ll excuse the expression, a prayer of winning. They are in the minority. They’d have to go up against the Kurds and the Shiites in two different regions and it is almost certain that forces from nearby countries, such as Iran, may go in to “keep the peace” just like we did.

If a civil war breaks out, of course, we won’t be staying long as all sides will not want us around!

Why are we rushing things and making it all worse!

If deadlines pass then new elections would occur or you push the elections back further. If a new election happened more Sunni representatives would get into government and politics would really play in the drafting of the Constitution.

There is too much pressure on the interim government to do everything in six months! Our own government can’t act that fast in most instances. How long did it take for Tax Reform? How long did it take for Bankruptcy Reform? How long will it take for Social Security Reform? What if France or England or Italy gave us only six months to shore up Social Security, do you think the U.S. could meet that deadline?

Unrealistic deadlines are unrealistic. We should have at least given them until the winter season Holy holiday period to draft the constitution. Then call for the referendum after the start of 2006, with elections to follow a few months later, even if the document goes down to defeat.

The insurgents will not stop after a Constitution is created, in fact they could go on a more aggressive offensive.

The insurgents will not stop after new elections are held based on that Constitution.

The insurgents will not stop after the U.S. leaves.

The only way to make insurgents stop is to solve a majority of the problems in a given locality, region and country.

We have insurgents in the United States. They bomb birth control centers. The bomb abortion clinics. They riot in poor neighborhoods on hot summer days because there are no jobs and no places to shop. We certainly don’t have the problem Iraq has, nor even that of England with the IRA. That is because we solved a lot of the problems, but when problems do occur in local areas our local “insurgents” destroy neighborhoods and neither the police nor National Guard can do much for a few days until it all blows over.

The insurgents will not vanish in Iraq until things are at least so-so for most Sunni, Shiite and Kurds. A measure of contentment. Power and water 24/7. Infusing money into poor areas. Creating jobs. Making the plight of women and children better. Keeping the religious factions contented.

If the Kurdish and Shiite areas with oil think that insurgency will go away while they have three Mercedes, TV sets in every room, $1000 silk suits, air conditioned homes and MTV while other people in Iraq have no shoes on their feet and live in housing with a leaky roof, then they are wrong! What made the U.S., England, France, Italy, Denmark and other nations “great” over the years is narrowing the gap between those who have and those who have not. No Constitution will stop insurgency unless the Government institutes changes to make the problems go away. In the U.S. Courts and Judges have “re-written” Government Laws and the Constitution to do this feat. We declared women and doctors have privacy. We’ve declared that schools are for everyone. We’ve declared that rights exist, even though our Constitution doesn’t enumerate such rights. As a result our own “insurgency” has diminished since the days of Martin Luther King, Germane Greer and Caesar Chavez. We are still not “perfect” but we solved some problems.

That’s what Iraq has to do. Solve problems. This will not happen in six months. This will not happen in two years. Rome was not built in a day!

A Constitution alone can’t do this, in fact it can impede this process if it is a bad Constitution. Why are WE rushing things?

We should not be rushing things.


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