How Did Oil Get Beneath the Arctic?: 'The Origin Ozone'

Fossil fuels were once vegetation. But did they give off oxygen or ozone (O3)? And does it seem logical that such massive deposits in the Arctic were grown with the same mode of photosynthesis we now know - or was it an accelerated, nearly explosive form, whose instability, would be echoed in the radical nature of the ozone molecule given off?

This theory claims the reason for the explosive mode is that the fossil fuel deposits, especially those in the colder regions, grew (and only could have grown) in an environment comprised of the pure food of plant life: CO2, intense radiation (let in by the CO2) and water.

Proof as an Interlocking Puzzle:

The logic seems clear, if you look at Earth's atmosphere as a product of photosynthesis:

First, it is obvious that such vegetation could never have grown beneath our present, oxygen-rich (deflective) atmosphere. So, it is the atmosphere that must have changed.

And [CO2] is the only gas that could have triggered, fueled and allowed such growth at the poles (or even those deposits at the equator).

It is also logical that such an environment must have caused an explosive photosynthesis (reverberating in the unstable nature of the radical ozone molecule given off).

As the ozone layer formed, it would have deflected ever greater volumes of radiation, to the point where the photosynthetic mode itself would have slowed and evolved into that which yields oxygen (O2) and [CO2].

So, were the Ice Ages triggered by collisions with meteors or asteroids (the effects of which would have been cleared by gravity) as some claim? Or were the periods of cold a
product of great surges in oxygen levels, to become an ever-thicker, deflecting filter? This oxygen, on the other hand, could have lasted many thousands of years.

And is the ozone layer being melted by the release of truly minuscule volumes of aerosol propellants? Or is it the result of the massive consumption of the fossils that gave off the ozone?

And finally, are we leaving our children and those of the oil barons a pleasant greenhouse effect, with just milder winters, or an increasingly radiated, cancer-causing oven?


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