Latin Jazz

Omar Sosa

Ota Records 1015 - UPC 616444101526 - ASIN: B000A2M1UA

A series of the more delicate and lyrical compositions by pianist Omar Sosa, who most recent album, Mulatos, is nominated for Latin Jazz Album of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association.

Culled from his “roots” trilogy (Free Roots, Spirit of Roots and Bembon), plus his Grammy nominated Prietos album. These cuts feature sax solos by Sheldon Brown and at times vocalists Maria Marquez, Anastacia Newkirk, among other performers.


Go Away

Revolutionary Records UPC 77502059652

Punk angst from one of the premier NY underground punk-rock acts.

Over You (not really) is a driving rock song with a line that reminded me of an older song by Angelino underground artist Susan Rhee and the Orientals (I love you I hate you). A nice segue in the middle that breaks things up for a moment.

Happy Denial has less garage rock edge than Over You.

Even the Mighty Fall. “Reality hurts, I’m going to cut off my brain.” Once again there are some nice segues between the rock licks

Beautiful Face starts off like a punk ballad then breaks into drive before going back to that mellow punk drone.

Come Here, Go Away, the title cut off the album, starts off with slide guitar and an interesting bass line then breaks into power chords.

Revolutionary is a straight on garage punk song.

Hurts Like starts off like a little folksy-ballad then gets more aggressive. The bridge takes on a different series of flavors ending in a build.

Hey Creator! Starts off as mixture of Arabian or East Indian Raga music with a tabla style drum beat and that Arabic/Jewish trill vocals in “Cantor” style chanting of the background vocals. This cut stands out as being one of the most creative and best produced tracks on the album.

Believe in Us starts off like some dreamy John Lennon or Peter, Paul and Merry happy tune, then breaks into pure punk, speed punk, head slammer punk.

Call On You was a great idea that never quite made the grade. The verse is exquisite but the chorus was only so-so. On this one Gail proves she can be a contender. Had this song progressed upwards instead of keeping the same level or dropping slightly. Had the chorus been as slick as the verse this could have been a classic.

Piece Of... Starts off a bit R&B with that wah-wah rhythm guitar. Musically this is a very nice cut that combines a lot of interesting ideas, including a classic rock guitar solo from the 60’s John Kay school of lead riffing.

Ends with a Yoga mantra cut (lead singer Gail Silverman just got into Yoga) with nice effects and drums.

This is an E-CD that includes many photos you can get to on a computer, plus it plays all the tracks on any CD player.

This is an interesting album. Not sure of pure punkers will like it as while it’s got some nice girl punk touches it sometimes gets to structured. It takes a very eclectically oriented audience to find a niche in this album that goes from one extreme to another.

Still a bit of the mark, cuts like Call On You and Pieces Of... show a kernel that can eventually develop into something strong, commercial and mainstream, without necessarily having to give up the raw edge.


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