Glycemic Impact Diet

A brand new entry into the world of “fad” diets that is actually based on some very sound scientific and medical principals and is potentially viable for a person who is not involved in “work out” regimes.

The Glycemic Index has been established for a while now and it is an “iffy” at best yard stick for measuring the response of the body to sugars in foods. Atkins even uses this index, but to extremes, in his diet approach.

In the past we’ve mentioned time and time again that sugar is both the food of life and a killer. It is maintaining a balance that one should strive for and the GID concept is aimed at that balance.

Far different from the Atkins and South Beach “carbs are your enemy” approach in which most veggies and fruits are taboo and proteins are the king. On a spectrum of things from right wing to left wing, Atkins is far right, South Beach is between Atkins and the middle grounds. The GID diet is around the middle. The typical diet of a “health” guru is somewhere between South Beach the middle left. There’s almost nothing in the middle left at all to speak off. At the far left is your “bulk up” muscle man diet along with the standard fast food diet America has literally grown (and grown and grown) to love!

That’s right, as we’ve noted in the past there is not much difference between a pro football diet and the “super size” me diet of the documentary movie fame, except that pro football players work out like mad 6 to 8 hours a day, five days a week and the rest of us don’t!

Somewhere between far left and middle is where the “work out” gurus place their wares which include bulk up foods (carbs) and more sensible proteins (chicken and fish instead of beef).

To the left makes you bigger, to the middle and right makes you smaller.

The GID diet is almost smack dab in the middle and is a diet one could live with forever (and that is what a diet should be). One that includes many veggies, most fruits, grains and meats. What they attempt to limit are those items that cause a sugar spike or rapid Gycemic Index rise. Most experts feel this is a good thing.

Heart specialists say that our “normal” blood sugar level is too high and places us at risk for heart attack and stroke.

Sending a GI spike is great for the work out person for a while, but you quickly get fatigued and want to go to sleep as the insulin starts to help the body absorb all that sugar. The introduction of insulin to combat sugar weakens bones and teeth, which promotes tooth decay and fractured bones. It also shoots up the adrenaline levels and leads to “rowdy” behaviors, especially in young people.

The GID people classify foods into Red (no go) and Green (great to eat) categories based on how much of a sugar spike is delivered. The results of following this diet is that you will store less body fat (which comes from too much sugar and carbs), which means you will start using body fat reserves, especially if you do light exercise. Your GI will stay low. Your “normal” sugar level will stay where it should normally be (if not get a tad lower, of which many heart specialists approve). You will have enough sugar and energy in your body to do normal work without experiencing fatigue. Unlike the Atkins or South Beach approach you probably won’t go into Ketoses mode, which is replacing missing blood sugar with artificial sugar produced by the liver. Your sugar level stays where it is needed, because you are getting 40% of sugar producing carbs that simply don’t spike out at high levels. If you follow the consumption limitations you will lose weight gradually and be able to keep it off because you will become weaned away from heavy sugars and into a more sensible level.

Once you reach your desired weight you need only consume a little more approved foods to stop losing and keep your current levels.

That potentially makes this a safe, effective and sensible approach to full time dieting!

You can add a little chicken and even beef (which they rate as red) to their list, just to make the diet a little more to the “average” consumer.

Most of their “green” list is forbidden at the start of Atkins, while some of the red list (especially things like beef and pepperoni) are on the Atkins list.

A lot of their “green” list is forbidden to South Beach dieters, but the red list is about the same.

We approve of all of their green list, although most people will avoid a few exotic items. We feel you can take a little dairy and beef off that red hit list and mix it in with your diet in moderation and still lose weight and be healthier.

All in all this diet, while still a tad right wing, is close enough to center to make it quite sensible!

Yes, as with any diet guru they have their “organizations, books, special foods, supplements” all of which they want you to “buy into” – of course this is optional. The library has books. You can get information on the internet. All you need to do is build your diet around a sensible format and this seems like one of the better ones...!

To download a copy of their Red and Green list click right mouse button here and select "save target as" option!



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