Runtime Error 226

This one seems to be a big problem with a lot of people and it’s probably caused by a piece of software (free ware or spy ware) you installed on your computer.

The consensus of opinions is that the culprit is an Active X file. This is a file that works as a support file, much like a DLL. It is often a control file, like a list box or push button. Something is wrong with this file and it causes a C++ runtime error that traces to #226.

Windows and most of the software on your computer are built upon C++ which is the most common serious development language. There is a runtime module on your computer, hidden somewhere in the Windows or System file area.

My problems occurred when I spawned too many IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) browsers, which I do on a regular basis in my work as a developer, researcher and writer. Once I start spawning too many files I start getting that runtime error.

I traced it back to an Active X control by accident. I was trying to log into G-Mail (the experimental Google Mail system) and it wouldn’t let me because my Java wasn’t running correctly. I installed the latest version of Java but I still had the problems.

I serached the web and found a slew of people having this same 226 problem with almost no answers as to how to correct matters!

Finally I found a few tips – short of reinstaling everything. I uninstalled most of my “Spyware” offerings that search out and tell me about spyware on my system. I also got ride of all IE add-on, such as those cute emotes that don’t come with the system and the Web Search tools provided by my copy of Weather Bug.

Now I am error free again!

Primary culprits are Spyware Doctor, a demo or freeware offering that checks your system for spyware, DIVX codec file (this is a video support file) or the Web Search tool bar that comes with Weather Bug (and possibly other freeware).

You might also want to check out the current Windows security fixes, try repairing your IE and downloading the most current version of Java from the Sun site. If all else fails, try a full re-install of Windows...


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