This is the new generation of peer to peer file sharing software that is the current hot item with web surfers. Like Kazaa and Kazaa Lite it allows you to search out audio and video files around the world based on people logged into the network who have a cache of files in their existing music folder.

We found this to be faster to use than both Kazaa and Kazaa Lite in searching and displaying files. Some of the user controls are also more intuitive to work with and sometimes have more features. The file search information is also color coded to help make choices easier for the user.

One of the nice features was a bandwidth screen that is based on system tool found in Windows. It shows you a wave file that represents how much system bandwidth is being used to search or transfer files, how long this goes on and you even get some controls to help regulate or allocate the amount of bandwidth desired. This allows you to do other things on the internet, such as browse, without having to wait forever because your transfers or searches eat up too much of the bits per second Ė especial for dial up users!

There is also a very easy to use set-up, look and feel menu that more resembles those found in IMís or on your own desk top system.

The software is free to download and use, but remember it is becoming more and more illegal to transfer or share copyright files! Under most laws in most nations only close family members, educators and the press can legal share files and only with limitations.

Under new U.S. laws sound recordings made prior to 1976 are going back into copyright, so now even MP3 recordings of Mozart and Bach might be in copyright if they are released on one of the major labels (CBS, Warner, etc.)!

Midi files of contemporary music are also protected, but not for classical music and other songs created before 1921.

Recently the FBI raided networkers who where clearing houses for copyrighted files, so now you face jail as well as fines. Download, upload and transfer with care as you donít want


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