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Arafat Flown To France
A very ill Yassir Arrifat was flown to France for medical attention. The rumor is that he may have cancer.

October 27th Lunar Eclipse

Here are some pictures we took outside our offices in New York just before, during and after totality of the lunar eclipse. The photos were taken with Fuji 100 speed color print film and a Minolta SRT 101 with a 135mm Zoom lens.

40 Plus Iraq Soldiers Found Executed

At least 40, if not more like 50, new Iraq Military recruits, who apparently were in training, were found face down on distant road in Eatern Iraq. They were apparently murdered or killed in a manner associated with Chicago style gang-land shootings of the 1920's.

U.S. Solider Sentenced In Iraq Abuse

Staff Sergeant (E6) Ivan Frederick has been demoted to private, sentenced to 8 years in prison and will receive a dishonorable discharge from the military for his part in the Iraq prisoner abuses. He is the third soldier to be convicted but has received the largest prison sentence thus far.

Scientists Say Global Warming Worse Than Expected

Some members of the scientific community are now laying blame on global warming (which they claim is caused by the burning of oil, coal and automobile emmissions) for the recent hurricanes, European heat wave and current California rains.

They claim the oceans have risen 1 inch or more and that the ice caps on both poles are melting faster than previously believed.

Christopher Reeve Dies

Actor Christopher Reeve ("Superman" movie series, "Somewhere In Time" and other features) died of heart failure due to an infection. He was 52 years old and paralyzed due to an equestrian accident.

In addition to acting in films he also became a wheel-chair bound director of stage plays in later life and was an advocate of stem cell research, which may help others who are paralyzed in the future.

Web Site Claims British Hostage Beheaded

An Islamic website carried notice that the British hostage has been beheaded by terrorists involved in the "anti-Iraq" hostilities.

Previously two Americans were beheaded. All were captured around the same period of time.

Mexican Volcano Has Small Eruption

The so-called "Fire Volcano" experienced a minor eruption with lava flows, smoke and steam, but not severe enough to warrant evacuation of the area in the rural state of Colima, 300 miles from Mexico City.

Mt. Sain Helens Has Small Eruption

A large plume of smoke and steam erupted out of the shifted lava dome cap that formed after the 1980 major eruption. This even was predicted by seismologist several days ago as a result of recent Earthquake activity on the West Coast.

Coalition Forces Attack Anti-Iraqi Forces

Coalition forces swept into Samarra, Iraq killing, capturing or wounding 100 or more anti-Iraqi fighters.

Forces also found and released a foreign hostage taken by anti-Iraqi fighters.

Elsewhere in Baghdad anti-Iraqi fighters ambushed an U.S. convoy and in the process their bombs kills 35 Iraqi children.

The Coalition Strikes Back

While insurgents did hit a few targets in the last 24 hours, the U.S. lead coalition forces make some major in-roads, especially towards thwarting would-be car bombers who got stopped and detonated long before they reached their targets. Coalition forces also believe they hit several different foreign led insurgent strong holds.

Insurgent Attacks More Coordianted

U.S. Military says Iraq Insurgent Resistance fighters are becoming far more coordinate in their attacks.

Frances and the Silence in The Storm

By Christine K. Rex

First it was Charlie then Hurricane Frances both wreaked havoc on the residents of Central Florida in the past two weeks. Many residents left the state or went to safer places. The Television news was filled with how to be prepared for the storm and where to seek shelter. The hardest was the decision of where to go for safety. My husband and I were among the mandatory evacuees who sought a safer haven. For this reason we accepted an invitation to go to my cousin’s in Deltona, Florida, 75 miles north of our home. All residents of mobile homes were ordered to leave. So we loaded the car with provisions and left on Thursday September 2nd threading our way through the heavy northbound traffic on US Route 1.

Frances hit the Florida coast on Saturday with a vengeance. With winds up to 115 miles an hour she battered the homes and business on the beach side first and followed through ripping up trees and roofs on the mainland. All anyone could do was to watch the television and pray that each one’s dwelling or home would be spared. We sat out on the screened in porch watching the rain create a lake in the back yard while the wind was trying its best to push the tall pines out of the way. Fear gripped us as we watched the trees dip and sway and we hoped none of them would fall on the house where we stayed. No one uttered a word as we watched Frances do her best to destroy all in her path. The “Silence in the Storm” was deafening. Then the power went off and we were in the dark till we could find the lamps and candles. Darkness and storms can feed fear like no other.

After the storm there was the worry that our mobile home was damaged or destroyed. There was no way to find out since the phones were out along with the cell phones. We were stranded because there was a curfew and a no travel ban for several days. We felt a sigh of relief when a phone call finally came through on Monday saying that our home was safe and we had power or so we thought. When we arrived back home in Melbourne Tuesday the power had gone out and we suffered for days from the tropical heat before the power was restored.

This reporter toured beachside the other day and took pictures of the devastation Frances left behind in her wake. There was a sea of blue tarps covering roofs, billboards toppled over, marquee signs smashed and ripped from their foundations, and endless piles of debris strewn along the streets. Hotels closed and damaged. But there was one glimmer of hope that could be seen for the residents of Satellite Beach and the mainland and it was the many power company workers who came from all over the Unite States to help restore the power we all needed so much. At this writing there are still hundreds of resident still without power and we are in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures in the 90’s and heat indexes in the 100’s.

Florida has received a reprieve from hurricane Ivan who has decided to go father west and I for one am terribly grateful.

Seismologist's Finally Tell The Truth!

A group of Seismologists with a small track record recently predicted a big California Earthquake will happen by September 5th (tomorrow). Other experts are agast and skeptical about this prediction and those who made it.

One seismologist was even quoted as saying: "You are far more likely to be murdered in L.A. than die in an earthquake in California." That is probably the most accurate prediction ever given by a seismologist!

"We don't know how they start, or how they stop..." said Caltech seismologist Dr. E. Hauksson. "It is impossible to successfully predict earthquakes when we don't understand the physics of earthquakes."

Finally a little truth.

Perhaps one day even Meteorologists will come out and say, one never knows what the weather may bring!

Russians Storm School

Commandoes stormed the school that was being held by terrorists, killing many of the terrorists (some have escaped) and finding many students and teachers wounded or dead.

Some terrorists are still believed to be in the area, some may have hostages still, some may have explosives strapped to their bodies.

Flordia Braced For Storm

A class 4 (possible upgrading to 5) storm is expected to strike Southern Florida at any time in the next day.

This area is already a disaster from the last storm which struck only two weeks ago.

Our Christine K. Rex is in the area and has already moved to a more secure location.

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