Bandwidth Thieves

They must exist! Our site ran out of bandwidth last month on the 18th, yet we had far less page views than the entire month of July!

One of the things that probably ran us out was e-mail, which is computed into the equation for bandwidth usage, along with file transfers (FTP). We average about 3 megabytes per day in getting SPAM and this is counted against bandwidth. Thatís roughly 100 MB per month in spam and if you are on a bandwidth budget (as we used to be, we now have a lot more to play with) it cuts in to your page views!

After we moved out of our old site I checked the bandwidth usage and it was going up every day, despite the fact that we were getting no more mail and no more page hits at that site. So, why was the bandwidth still rising?

Itís possible some stealth user or program was on our site (I also found about 20 MB of file space difference I canít account for between the old and new sites) and using bandwidth.

People hack in to sites and plant adult pictures (you know, nikked stuff) and then spam people to see them. Wham! There goes your bandwidth.

People hack in to your CGI or mail system and send trillions of piece of SPAM on your outgoing mail system. Wham! There goes your bandwidth.

You canít really stop these people easily. You have to get your host to monitor the site, which they canít do 24/7 because theyíre busy doing other things like back-up, replacing dead servers and hard drives. There are only so many techs!

At one host they did find someone who was running a chat room that used up so much bandwidth their whole system was dragging. They suspended the user.

So, you can have a bandwidth thief at your site never know it! Weíre going to keep checking our old host for a few more weeks to see if the bandwidth continues to rise, despite the fact we arenít at that site any more! That will be strange if our C-Panel X shows a rise in bandwidth with no one at home!

If you suspect more usage at your site than is possible, contact your site host and see if they might find a bandwidth thief hiding amongst your files....


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