Government Part 2

On the ideological side of the spectrum many people have often termed these governments “totalitarianistic” which means government is everyone and in your face all the time. Many such governments give the appearance of being like a government of the people, but in practice it is a government only of some of the people. In recent times, Cuba, China, Iraq and Iran fall into this type of category, in which communism plays a major role in both Cuba and China, while in Iraq until very recently a man such as Saddam Hussein played a major role and his ideology was supreme. Now Iraq is heading to be more like Iran, in which religious ideology is going to play a key role in the government. In Iran the Shiite Ayatollahs have been the spiritually and government leader for the last 30 years, with a government body of parliamentary organization formed by their advise and consent. Should that government go against the policies of the supreme leader that government can be taken apart.

Communism, which is a feared word in many circles, is merely the polar opposite of what the United States is with the other nations of the world somewhere in-between. In the communistic-democracy private ownership is practically non-existent except for personal possession and entrepreneurialims only exists to the whims of the central government’s allowances.

These systems are generally a one party system. You can only be elected to the government in China if you are a member of the Chinese Communist Party. There is no other party, therefore the government reflects the communist ideology. Changes and politics revolve around “lobbying” to get the central government to do something for some region, by a local Community Party representatives to muster enough support in their government bodies to dam a river to building a bridge in some remote area.

Everything is run by the government and done to meet the expectations of the ideology. All services are basically provided to the citizens free of charge as a right of citizenship. Anyone who is intelligent can go to a college or university free of charge. Any one in need of health care gets it. Electricity, water and plumbing of some types is generally provided free of charge. No one really starves to death, as food is allocated and provided on a local level. Everyone has a roof over their head, Clothes on their bodies and shoes on their feet. But, most don’t have a radio, TV set or automobile. And if you want an electric guitar and amp you may have to work for years to save up enough money and then you must often buy a state made guitar and amp, not a Fender, Gibson or Yamaha instrument.

The one distinction of “totalitarianism” is the fact that you can’t say “The Queen Sucks The Big One!” or “The Prime Minister is a Twit!” or “Bush is vapid.” Trying saying that about your leadership in countries like Cuba, Iran and China and you could end up in prison for years. There have been some allow venues for social criticism, notably in China, but in recent times this is broken down and “dissidents” are imprisoned for years just for speaking their mind.

While some governments and proponents of ideology claim that a government such as the one in China or Cuba is "truly" of and by the people, in practise since there is no opposing viewpoints or parties allowed this is hardly a statement of reality.

It should be pointed out, however, that in the ideological point of view society the ultimate goal is often viewed by many to be one of a "greater good" in which God or Allah is served by a nationa (such as in Iran or soon to be in Iraq) or that one day everyone may have everything free of charges (such as those who back communism, who say eventually there will be minimal or no government and everyone will have a TV set and automobile, someday), reality has shown that personal economic growth in countries like the former USSR and China has made very little progress in decades, which the standard of living in social-capitalist countries such as Sweden, England and America has grown by leaps and bounds in the same time frame.

To get a true picture of ideology in charge of a country, imagine Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Cardinal Mahoney, television evanaglist Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggert building such a political base that they officially run the U.S. Goverment and with a coalistion of votes impose their standards and values on all American citizens, be they Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Atheist, Agnostic, Islamic, Methodist, Baptist or Pennsylvania Dutch. Imagine if this central ideology can be used to imprison people who don't agree with the party line or want some other point of view to be heard.

The United States as a whole has always "worried" that a strong Catholic like John Kennedy would impose his values on government, which has never really happened.

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