Our 2004 Digital Imaging, Video and Television Special

This is our fourth yearly special on home and semi-professional entertainment technology in the digital realm and there have been a lot of changes since our first offering.

More and more consumers are buying into digital video camcorder technologies over VHS analog systems. Three chip camcorders which were priced over $3,000 back in 2001 are now half that price and for the budding moviemaker with aspirations of broadcast television you can go Hi-Def for about $3,000 with a new single chip camcorder from JVC.

Almost every computer is now coming packed with digital video capture technology via the Firewire connector and free software. Many computer systems come packed with DVD-R burners so you can edit and make your own homegrown DVDs. Video capture cards have dropped from thousands of dollars to hundreds of dollars and today you can buy some cards for less than $100 to upgrade your older computer. You can even edit Hi-Def on a standard computer with new technology from Pinnacle and ATI.

Still camera technology and digital imaging is also going through rapid changes as the industry looks to see if the new Foveon technology employed in the Sigma Digital SLR camera will bring film quality imaging to 3.5 megapixel technology. Currently, due to the way color imaging is dithered you need to have an ultra expensive 10+ megapixel camera to get professional quality, so everyone is holding their breath to see if Foveon might break this barrier and in the future offer ultra high quality still and movie imaging at a very low price. This would be a major boom to home Hi-Def videography and spell the end to domination by the three chip concept used in highly expense professional cameras.

Digital technologies are also slowly making their way into theaterical motion pictures around the world. In the future "motion picture film" with be a dinosaur as your local theater gets a brand new full length "movie" via wireless transmission or small digital storage card. High definition images will also soon been on DVD, probalby by next year, but you'll need to buy a new player!

We also take time in this issue to look at the new U.S. broadcast television season with offerings from ABC, CBS, NBC, plus David Leonhardt takes a poke at Reality Television and we tell you a little about the V-Chip inside you TV set that allows you to restrict viewing based on ratings.

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