Well, a group of Islamic radicals have just upped the ante and sent a wake up call to the world. They hold some French people hostage and demand that Muslim children be allowed to wear required scarves to French public schools.

Yeah, the French thought theyíd be safe by not getting involved with the U.S. and the Iraq war. Right, bury your head in the sand and see what it gets you (gritty, blurred vision, thatís for sure)!

The French practice their religious doctrine equally. Jewish kids canít wear skull caps. Muslims canít wear caps and scarves. Christians canít wear prominent or large crosses that can be readily seen. I imagine the Jewish kids canít wear a prominent Star of David, either.

Public schools are for everyone and many systems require common uniforms. We canít make exceptions for people, else everyone will ask for an exception.

If a school requires to you be clean shaven, then unmarried Jewish and Muslim boys who are older canít wear the beards their religion may require. If people donít like this, then send them to religious school! This is why the religious patrons put dollars into the plate that gets passed each Sunday in church and why membership fees are required by other religions. Those religious people who are poor and canít pay tuition should appeal to the charity of their church, synagogue or mosque Ė or donít religions believe in helping their own needy people?

Religions canít, however, take hostages and threaten to cut off heads if some school system has a dress code that bothers them!

I was pleased to see many mainstream Islamic clerics and officials come out against this new form of terrorism and to see the French government finally get off the pot and take a daring stand that might cause them problems down the line. Everyone, however, faces more problems if we give in to terrorism of this kind.

So, you in the Philippines, take note of the French problems. Even though you took your troops out of Iraq, you may not be safe! Anytime you do something that offends the ultra religious, expect them to grab a few hostages and threaten to take their heads off if you donít obey!

Think about it. Remote control government from a foreign national who is unknown, un-elected and can control your nation and national policies by grabbing a few innocent people and making a threat on TV or a web site. Why bother with a campaign, paid TV ads, personal appearances and kissing babies! You can run any nation with ease if you have more balls than their leaders do!

Thereís a new price for ďneutralityĒ in the world!

So, what little demigod is running your nation today, rendering your elected officials totally impotent?!


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