Organization and Commitment

When there’s a conflict between two sides the side that is well organized and committed tends to make the most headway.

If the other side has had a lot of time to plant operatives here, there and everywhere, then when the commitment time comes they have an upper advantage of being able strike from behind, on all sides and from within.

Let’s take the Vietnam war as an example. If the Viet Cong has managed to plant operatives around the world, in France, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Tahiti and other areas of the world, those operatives could have struck at both military and civilian targets in any region while the direct fighting was going on in Vietnam.

France once fought against Vietnam. Imagine if the Viet Cong had blown up the Eiffel Tower or reduced the Louver to ashes. Do you think France would have stayed in Vietnam as long as they did?

Of course, Eisenhower and the United States would have moved in quickly to fill the void left much earlier by the French and we too, would have had our “Happy Days” trampled upon. The Viet Cong could have taken hostages and done damage at Disneyland, the Empire State Building, the monuments in Washington, Yankee Stadium. Do you think the war would have lasted into the Kennedy era (let along the Johnson era) had the Viet Cong been that organized?

Oh, never doubt for a moment how committed the Viet Cong were. That’s why they prevailed in the Vietnam war against but France and the United States.

Just how committed are we?

At Normandy we were so committed we sent thousands of solider to their death in boats and parachutes trying to get a beach head on France to drive the common enemy the Nazi’s out and stomp on them once and for all.

Do we have that kind of commitment today? Are we that organized? Have we given our invasion and infiltration plans as much time as our true enemy has?

Maybe we need to re-think our positions, be as honorable as we were in Vietnam and plan for the future. The next time a 9/11 strikes we need to be as organized and committed as those would attempt to hurt us!

Commitment is a very serious matter. We weren’t ready for 9/11 despite 50 years of organization by the U.S. Military to fight off a sneak attack by the Ruskies and any other “Charlie” that might attempt to make nuclear warfare toe to toe with us!

If we can’t get ourselves as organized and committed as those who we would meet in a fight, we stand to get our face bloodied. Rocky's manager called it "Eye of the tiger" and you either have it or you don't. If we don't have it in a given situation, we should stay out of the fight or not complain if a better organized and more committed advisary stomps on us over and over again from every direction.

Maybe it’s time we gave more thought to our goals, organize and get up a real commitment before we try this again...


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