Nine Eleven Revisited

I was on the bus heading into the office when someone on the bus announced that a plane had just be flown into the World Trade Center.

I assumed it was something like a Piper Cub and probably an accident.

By the time I reached the office and checked in on the internet one of our editors, Krista Barrett, and our web producer, Kaya Casper, were already putting together our coverage of the attack, complete with a new cover. Krista went on to do an interview with a solider who would eventually be heading out with our troops to foreign soil as part of the assault Osama bin Laden, a man we took a look at in our last issue on War and Terrorism.

All of us in the United States and many outside this nation watched in horror as the two towers of the WTC collapsed after a short period of time.

We also got to see amateur video footage of the planes actually slamming into the WTC. We learned that some brave people on one of the planes apparently fought back, which resulted in crash far off the planned target (which was either the White House or Capital Building in Washington, DC, although we'll never know about that one for sure).

Another plane apparently crashed into the Pentagon building later that morning.

All in all, 2,749 people are dead or missing in the WTC attack (some of those on the list of 2,818 have been found but their names have not yet been removed from the list). Of these about 166 were of Middle Eastern decent and may have possibly been Muslims (Osama has no problem killing his own people). Virtually every industrialized nation in the world lost at least one person in this attack.

In the months and years that have gone by since 9-11-2001 we have learned that the FBI and other agencies had bits and pieces of information that could have lead authorities to the break up of parts of the terrorist cells that were responsible for the attacks! Everyone seems to agree the attacks might not have been prevented, but the size, scope and probably timing of the attack could have been altered.

For example, FBI agents were tipped off by a flight school that men with Middle Eastern surnames, who were obviously not very sophisticated, were learning how to fly airplanes and jets, but weren't that interested in learning how the land these planes. This information was never followed up and some of the FBI agents were relocated or assigned to other duties. (Some people believe that V.P. or others high up in the White House may have had something to do with the blockage of this information, possibly on purpose, but no one can prove these allegations, much like no one can prove Roosevelt knew about a pending attack prior to Pearl Harbor, as some people in cult movements claim...)

We learned that Osama bin Laden, the man who was also responsible for the bombing of the WTC in earlier years, coordinated this attack. That he was training troops in Afghanistan. That he was very anti-American, dating back to the first Iraqi incursion when he hoped to assult Saddam, the man that Osama had already warned Arab nations about and against as planning invasions. But the U.S. rained on his parade. An Islamic radical he made the U.S. his target of new attacks (most of the Muslim nations distanced themselves from bin Laden and his brand of Islam, which stands for world domination).

We also learned that Air Traffic Control in Washington DC was fully aware that one flights was off course and possibly hijacked. They knew about this and tracked the plane for almost 30 minutes. An unarmed military cargo plane was dispatched to check out this jet liner which has “lost its way” in the skies. That plane was the one which apparently crashed into the Pentagon (there are some disputes and critics on this point, as some say there was not enough major debris, engines or parts found at the scene and the Pentagon attack looked more like a missile assault, but that is merely unconfirmed rumblings of those who believe that government lies and hides information on a regular basis).

That morning at the Washington DC Airport video tape clearly shows 4 out of 5 of the terrorists who took over the plane had set off alarms at security checkpoints, getting them stopped, searched and then eventually they were let on to the airplane by Airport Security people!

These incidents have let some of us here at Issues to rant, rave and generated editorial opinions questioning the United States “Early Warning” system we have been told was in place since 1956 with the Eisenhower administration (and done at great tax payer expense). We have been told we can down missiles and foreign attackers in planes, ships or submarines with at least 30 to 60 minutes warning using these "early warning" defenses. Yet for 30 minutes we watched a plane go off course in Washington, DC and eventually crash into the Pentagon. Only an unarmed cargo plane was dispatched to observe that situation. Had it crashed into the Capital Building or White House, a large portion of our Government would have been wiped out in a single blow. Fortunately it did not crash there because of brave civilians on the plane who fought back against the hijackers. We found this whole matter quite distressing and wondered if we'd learned anything at all since Pearl Harbor where, once again, we were attacked despite the fact that U.S. Military Radar observed the Japanese planes on their screen just prior to the attack and did nothing.

At this point, Osama bin Laden has not been found nor stopped, although we seriously disrupted his activities in Afghanistan for a while, but he is apparent now active again and coordinating terrorism elsewhere in the world from a secret location near the Afghan border.

We went into Iraq to fight terrorism and there has even been some attempts to link Iraq, Saddam and Osama, despite the clear fact Osama has opposed Saddam in the past. To this date over 1,000 American soliders have been killed in action in Iraq and we are not even close to resolving the issues that plague Iraq. Instead, other new radical Islamic leaders, including an actual Cleric, have arisen to take Osama's place in the world media, spreading terrorism into other nations, taking hostages, beheading infidels and calling for the war of Jihad to continue until Islam dominates the world! On the positive side, countries like Libya have fallen into line and joined us in helping to stop terrorist training camps and the stockpile of weapons that can cause long-range harm to other countries.

The commission on the 9-11 WTC attack recently made public a lot of new details, with more to come in the near future as a complete publication of their findings becomes available everywhere (download your copy here in PDF format, free of charge).

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