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Internet Video Magazine ( ) is looking for film and video makers who would like their efforts featured in an upcoming issue. Makers of movies already posted on the Internet can contact IVM's editors to review and feature their Web site and its videos, films and/or animations. Makers of movies not posted on the Internet, or not yet completed, can go to the IVM site and learn everything needed to create and upload a streaming video masterpiece.

"Our new '1-2-3 Guide to Internet Movie Making' shows how simple it is to shoot, edit and post your own movie or video production on the Internet. You can use almost any camcorder and free editing software to create your personal Internet movie," said Mark Shapiro, Internet video guru. "We then tell you where and how to post the movie for free or next to free."

The Internet is ideal for makers of comedies, documentaries, travelogues, music videos, etc. Some are making and posting videos and films to promote their directing and filmmaking skills, while some want to show-off their writing, editing or acting skills. Others are using the net as the ultimate soapbox, making and distributing productions that enable them to communicate their viewpoints to the world. Others are just doing it to have fun or to share their personal videos and home movies.

For more on how to create and post your own Internet Movies, or to see what others have already posted, check out Internet Video Magazine at The hundreds of online links run the gamut from amateur sites with a few personal movies to comedy troupes and political and activist organizations, to slick commercial enterprises with thousands of films and clips.

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