Internships are open to anyone interested in writing, editing, web production, web design, marketing and advertising.

Since we are a virtual company interns can be located anywhere in the world. The primary requirement is that the intern have the time available specifically the week before and after publication, plus flexible hours between issues. It should also be noted that publication time is fast-paced and very intense, as we put together roughly 50 pages with multiple indexes, graphics, links and department teasers.

Interns get experience in reading submissions, copy editing, layout, production, testing the site, HTML, web design and graphics, PR and marketing.

Excellent for college students, English majors, journalism majors and writers who want to learn more about the publishing business, as well as computer science majors, and web design/development students or professionals.

Improve your portfolio or resume by working at Issues! We will provide letters of reference upon request for all interns.

For more information contact:


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