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Our on-going “Hair” stories always draw a good response. Here’s a recent question and solution!


I just finished viewing your web site concerning natural hair. I have been thinking about going natural for a while because of my current hair situation. I have EXTREMELY thick coarse hair. I'm getting to the point where I'm just sick of everything. I'm in college, and I can't really afford to go to a salon on a regular basis to have my hair relaxed. Besides, my hair is breaking really bad, and I know it's because of the chemicals. I haven't had a relaxer in over a month. Before I get desperate and just slap another perm in my already over processed hair, I just need advice. If I do go natural, where do I begin? Do I just cut my hair off or what? Also, in no way do I have "good hair" (by this I mean that naturally curly hair). There is nothing curly about this hair of mine. It's just your normal thick, nappy hair. I've seen people go natural, and their hair would just curl up if they had it cut in a short, short style. I already know my hair won't do that. It'll just be nappy. But I think it's better than consistently perming my hair and watching it fall out. I just want a style that I don't have to worry about on rainy days and when it's really humid. A friend of mine who has dreds always tells me I should go natural because I have strong facial features. He says it would just add to my beauty. I just need to know where to start. I'm sorry if my questions are unclear and if I seem confused, but I am! I just need advice on going natural.



I understand your confusion, and your concerns. "Good hair" is not necessarily "good", depending on how you look at it - they have their own set of hair problems that us nappy heads know nothing about.

There is nothing wrong with having nappy hair. I have it, I love it, and millions of other women do as well. If you want a simple easy style that is not bothered by the rain etc, go for a short natural haircut. Make sure
The stylist does not shape up the front of your hair for a soft look, keep it moist, and that's it.

You can toss your umbrella in the garbage, along with all the hair products you may be using. A little oil or pomade will do the trick. Condition occasionally, especially at first - believe it or not it will take several
months for your real texture to shine through - those permed strands are persistent. You can also save your salon money to do something nice for yourself - or buy books.

I hope this info helps, and I wish you much luck in your decision.

There is nothing wrong with nappy hair. I have extremely nappy hair, and I never got as many compliments in all my life than when I cut off my perm and wore a 1/8" afro.



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