What did I do wrong?

Below is a conversation between my wife and I. For some unexplained reason, she got very upset. All I did was apologize. It was after I had been out of town for a holiday party/meeting at our corporate headquarters. The whole office flew down, and my wife happilly let me go. It was when I got back that the trouble started.

“Dear,” I said. “I have to confess something…something that happened on my trip.”

She looked up from the TV and said “Oh??”. She said it in such a way as to get me nervous.

“You have complained that we don’t do it enough, and that when we do, we don’t do it long enough, and here I go and do it with someone else.”

“Oh!!” she said. Now I was really nervous. I decided to admit the whole truth.

“And the worst part of it was that I enjoyed it more with them than I ever did with just us two.”


“Yeah. I think that is what made it so much better, being in a fun group.”

“How many of THEM were there?” By now she was starting to be a little loud.

“There was only Linda and Lia and Cherrie and Ryan and myself.”


“Yeah, he said he loved to watch.”

“And it was only you two guys and those three girls?”

“Yeah, until Rebecca and Heather showed up, but they didn’t stay long. They just got what they wanted and ran off.”

“Did the others get what they wanted too?” Somehow that sounded like a snide accusation coming from her.

I gulped. Something was not going right, and I couldn’t quite place it. “Actually, once we got over the problem with the bra’s, I think all of them were quite satisfied.”

“You satisfied them all?” she asked.

Suddenly a light went on in my head. I realized what the misunderstanding was. “It’s not as bad as you think. Its not like I paid for it.”

By the red look on her face I realized that I was wrong. That wasn’t the problem.

Tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. “Why?” she asked quietly. “Why?”

“It was just the party outfits.” I answered.

Now she grabbed me by the collar and said loudly, “What party outfits?!”

“The clothes they needed for our black tie holiday party. That’s why I took them.”

“Ohh, blaming their party clothes for why you took them?”

“Yes. Lia, Linda, and Cherrie wanted some new party outfits for the formal company holiday party. Ryan and I volunteered to escort them. I know I avoid it with you, but I had fun when we took them clothes shopping. ”

What followed can’t be printed here. I just never realized that my wife knew those words. I just don’t understand why she got so upset.

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