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Uranus Now Has 21 Moons

And you thought it only has 20, well we remember when it only had 5!

Today astronomers confirmed a very small body (6 - 12 miles wide) in similar orbits to existing moons, making the total for this planet 21.

Uranus is very, very far from the Earth and can only been seen with the aid of a small telescope.

Russian Hostage Deaths

At least 116 hostages seemed to have died due to the effects or side effects of a mysterious "gas" used by Russian troops when the stormed a theater being held by Chechen terrorists who were.

Know one will yet confirm what the gas was, except to say it was similar to those gases used for surgery (Halothane is very common, which is a toxic, highly explosive fume made by soaking cotton balls in a liquid, enclosing them in glass and letting the patient breath the fumes that "boil" off).

Thus far the terrorists were known to have killed at least 2 of the 800 hostages taken at the theater by the terrorists, with 118 lives taken during the rescue attempt attributed to the effects of the gas.

There have also been disputed reports of the nature of the terrorists and their internal actions. It has been said the terrorists were characterized with pictures of booze bottles. The captives who have spoken with news crew say that the terrorists were highly trained and soldier-like, which is not in keeping with the images shown of booze bottles.

If You're Going To San Francisco...

You won't find a cable car going up Powell street for a month or more due to repair work. Buses will service that street. If you want to see the cable cars you have to go to California Street until something like December 2002.

Sorry 'bout that chief!

Four Shot At University of Arizona

Four people (two of which are possibly female instructors) were shot at the Nursing school in Tucson campus of the University of Arizona.

The shooter comitted suicide. The bomb squad was brought in to check backpacks and rooms as the shooter, it was said, made threats to ignite bombs.



It's trick er treat time. Hallowe'en.

Technically, All Saints Day, a very religious holiday for some people. It is said that in days of old that spirits walked the Earth on the evening of All Saints Day, thus the tradition of Hallowe'en was coined.

Above the haunted house at the Country Market in the Huron-Rose-Sodus-Wolcott area of upstate New York.Issues Photo

On this evening children usually dress up in costumes of famous characters or as spooks (ghosts, gobblins, witches, monsters) and go from door to door yelling "trick or treat" as they hold out a bag and await a candy treat.


Columbine Records

A judge has ordered that the juvinile court records of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who shot over 35 people (killing 13) at a school in Columbine, Colorado, be released to the public. These records cover a program that the two boys were in as part of a court sentencing over a break into to steal tools from a van.

Klebold's parents may appeal this ruling as they were opposed to the release on privacy rights.

RUN DMC's Jam Master Jay Killed

Found shot with a bullet to the head in a Queens, New York, recording studio.

The Hip-Hop Rap act, who are generally considered the break-out act in this music genre and the ones who set the pattern for a whole era, just got off tour with Kid Rock and Areosmith (whose hit song "Walk This Way" was covered by Run DMC in 1986). They were due to play a gig this evening.

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