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American Dreams

Set in Philadelphia around 1960 this "American Graffitti"or "Happy Days" setting if a show deals with the lives, hopes and dreams of the atypical American family in which the teenagers want to be dancers on American Bandstand and the son is expected to play football for Notre Dame.

The grown-ups have their own conflicts with the male head of the household.

Dick Clark (Mr. American Bandstand himself) is one of the show's producers and as such will probably make old footage of the show availble for use in the program to ad authentic flavor.

Set in the time frame just as the "Happy Days" era of the 1950's are winding down and the Beatles invasion is about to being but the turblent anti-war era 60's is still a ways off...

The show stars: Jonathan Adams (Henry), Ethan Dampf (Will Pryor), Arlen Escarpeta (Sam), Will Estes (JJ Pryor), Joseph Lawrence (Michael Brooks), Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne Bojarksi), Virginia Madsen (Rebecca Sandstrom0, Gail O'Grady (Helen Pryor), Brittany Snow (Meg Pryor), Tom Verica (Jack Pryor) and Sarah Ramos (Patty Pryor).

Michelle Branch will be portraying 60's girl singer Leslie Gore in one of the early episodes in a guest supporting role.


An experiment in drama from two key feature film producers-directors (Jon Avnet and Graham Yost) that shows life in Los Angeles from the prespective of various ensemble players. We see bits and pieces of the story through each of the eyes of these people, who include paramedics, police, newspaper reporters and cops.

The ensemble cast includes: Donnie Wahlberg (“Band of Brothers”) as Joel Stevens, an emotionally drained, dedicated detective; Mykelti Williamson (“Forrest Gump”) as “Fearless” Bobby Smith, Stevens’ easy-going, daredevil partner; Neal McDonough (“Minority Report”) as David McNorris, a politically savvy and ambitious Deputy D.A.; Gary Basaraba (“Brooklyn South”) as Ray Hechler, a veteran patrol officer, and Jason Gedrick (“The Last Don”), as Tom Turcotte, a beat cop struggling to prove himself. Nina Garbiras (“The $treet”) stars as Andrea Little, a tough metro reporter whose private life is less than perfect and Lana Parrilla (“Spin City”) as Teresa Ortiz, a compassionate paramedic who has already seen too much suffering.

Graham Yost ("Speed") wrote the pilot which Jon Avnet ("Fried Green Tomatoes") Directed. From Dreamworks Television.



Set somewhat in the domestic motif of the classic "All In The Family" this show centers more around the newly wed kids than the patriarch's attitude on life in general -- so don't expect to see a full blown Archie Bunker, at best only a mini-version (but the "meathead" attitude should be very strong).

The newlyweds move in with her mom and dad to save money while hubby goes to cooking school. She works as a nurse, he goes to school. Daddy is a self-made man and mommy has just started in Real Estate.

From the team that brought you "Frasier" -- Kelsey Grammar and Mark Reisman.

Stars: Dennis Farina (Victor Pellet), Elon Gold (Matt Landis), Jean Smart (Marlene Pellet) and Bonnie Somerville (Alex Landis).

Hidden Hills

Life in the sultry, mature audience suburbs is the theme of this comedy which stars Justin Louis, Paula Marshall, Dondré T. Whitfield, Tamara Taylor and Kristin Bauer.

Keeping up with the Joneses in the deceptively tranquil Hidden Hills adds a whole new dimension to the traditional neighborhood block parties, softball games, bake sales and over-the-fence gossip.

Good Morning Miami

Mark Feuerstein and Ashley Williams star in this sitcom about a producer who comes to Miami to beef up the lowest rated morning show in the country and faces a a romantic challenge from the show's hair stylist (Williams), a whole carinval review or charcters working in front of the cameras including the host, co-host, a nun who is a weather caster (!), a neurotic assitant named Penny, his sister (played by The Bob Newhart Show verteran, Suzanne Pleshette) plus the station's General Manager.

She Spies

Bad girls gone good is the theme of this NBC summer debut series that may not make it through the whole year. Charlie's angels on house arrest, if you will. Three girls who did naughty things like cat burglery get to stay out of jail if they do what they do best for Uncle Sam. If that sounds a little like ABC's very short-lived last year show Thieves or an old NBC show called It Takes A Theif with Robert Wagner, you're right!

The girls are Natasha ("Species" franchise star) Henstridge, Natashia Williams and Kristen Miller and their handler is an up-tight Fed who is just like the handler in ABC's Thieves.

The show is filled with action, stunts and lots of spandex... Yeah, ba-by! You can Austin my Powers anytime!

Like with my short-lived favorite from last year SU2 this show doesn't take itself very seriously. Campy and played for laughs.

Movies on NBC 2002-2003 include:

A Civil Action, Face Off, Get Shorty, Godzilla, Golden Eye, Men In Black, Shakespeare in Love, Sphere, Star Trek: Insurrection, The General's Daughter, The Juror, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Truman Show, Three Kings and Titanic.




Expanding their hot Crime Scene Investigation series into a franchie like Dick Wolf's Law and Order this clone stars David Caruso (who left NYPD Blue in the first year for a motion picture career that never happened).

Instead of glitzy Las Vegas, Caruso heads a South Florida team of forensic investigators who use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes. Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami. His team includes Calleigh Duquesne, a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in ballistics; Tim Speedle, a cocky but disarming investigator who is well connected on the street; and Eric Delko, an underwater recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways. Rounding out the team is Alexx Woods, the no-nonsense know-it-all coroner. Kim Delaney joins the cast as a DNA specialist whose trust in science creates conflict with Caine, who relies more on gut instinct. Together, these investigators collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and to vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves, the victims.

SEASON PREMIERE! Monday, September 23, 10/9c

PRODUCTION Alliance Atlantis, in association with CBS Productions - Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Anthony Zuiker

David Caruso: Horatio Caine - Kim Delaney: Megan Donner - Emily Procter: Calleigh Duquesne - Rory Cochrane: Tim Speedle - Adam Rodriguez: Eric Delko - Khandi Alexander: Alexx Woods


A look into the lives of the elite Robbery and Homicide Division of the present-day Los Angeles Police Department. Intense, bold and dead smart, the detectives in this select unit work only high-profile crime wherever it occurs in Los Angeles. Veteran Detective Sam Cole (Tom Sizemore)--sometimes outrageous, always strategic--heads the team. Cole has a hunter's raw instinct, along with both the intellect and the wit to pursue L.A.'s most vicious and complex crimes. Also on the squad is Sargeant Alfred Simms (Barry "Shabaka" Henley), who has a droll sense of humor and high level of skill with a shotgun. Detective Sonia Robbins (Klea Scott) is Spanish-speaking and specializes in pathology. Detective Richard Barstow (David Cubitt) and Detective Ron Lu (Michael Paul Chan) come from L.A.'s Hispanic and Asian Gang Units. Together, Cole's unit will confront the city's highest-profile crimes and criminals in America's most exciting urban landscape.

PRODUCED BY: Forward Pass, Inc. in association with Universal Television - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Michael Mann, Frank Spotnitz - CREATED BY: Barry Schindel Tom Sizemore: Detective Sam Cole - Barry "Shabaka" Henley: Sergeant Alfred Simms - Klea Scott: Detective Sonia Robbins - Michael Paul Chan: Detective Ron Lu - David Cubitt: Detective Richard Barstow


Mike Olshansky (David Morse), is an ex-cop turned taxi driver who seeks redemption by fighting for and righting the wrongs of others. Once a decorated police officer, Mike is abruptly kicked off the force after he's caught taking money from a crime scene. With his law enforcement career in tatters, Mike begrudgingly embraces his new life as a cabbie, a job that requires long days and nights and a steady supply of caffeine and eye drops. When one of his passengers is beaten by a group of thugs, and when another asks him to help locate a missing daughter, Mike realizes he can still use his police know-how to help those in need. As he contemplates moonlighting as a crime solver, he seeks support and assistance from his longtime friends, including former partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher), who is eager to repay Mike after he kept silent a secret that could shatter his own police career. Marcellus, forever in Mike's debt, gives him the inside information Mike needs to help others, while Mike assists him in doing the work a cop can't do. Father Tom "Grizz" Grzelak (George Dzundza) is both Mike's drinking buddy and forthright friend. At home, Mike faces drama of a different sort from his estranged wife, Heather (Donna Murphy), and son, Michael Jr. (Matthew Borish) The closer he examines his own life, the more Mike finds himself unable to stop intervening in the troubled lives of others.

SEASON PREMIERE! Friday, September 27, 9/8c

David Morse: Mike Olshansky - Andre Braugher: Marcellus Washington - George Dzundza: Father Tom "Grizz" Grzelak - Matthew Borish: Michael Olshansky - Donna Murphy: Heather Olshansky


A fast-paced procedural drama about the Missing Persons Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The sole responsibility of the special task force is to find missing persons by applying advanced psychological profiling techniques to peel back the layers of the victims' lives and trace their whereabouts in an effort to discover whether they have been abducted, been murdered, committed suicide or simply run away. The team reconstructs a "Day of Disappearance" timeline that details every minute of the 24 hours prior to the disappearance, following one simple rule: learn who the victim is in order to learn where the victim is. Senior agent Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) heads the dedicated team that knows too well that every second counts when someone vanishes. His squad includes Samantha Spade (Poppy Montgomery), an agent who doesn't let her good looks get in the way of being tough; Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), a no-nonsense investigator; Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano), an intense and private agent; and Martin Fitzgerald (Eric Close), the newest member of the team, considered a lightweight by the squad because his only experience involves fighting white-collar crime.

SEASON PREMIERE! Thursday, September 26, 10/9c

PRODUCED BY: Jerry Bruckheimer Television in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Productions - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jerry Bruckheimer, Ed Redlich, Jonathan Littman (a writer-producer from Law and Order)

Anthony LaPaglia: Jack Malone - Poppy Montgomery: Samantha Spade - Marianne Jean-Baptiste: Vivian Johnson - Enrique Murciano: Danny Taylor - Eric Close: Martin Fitzgerald


At a time when the world of medicine is becoming more impersonal, the doctors at Presidio Medical Group -- a tight-knit medical group adjacent to a hospital in San Francisco -- set bureaucracy aside and put their patients first, forming trusting, long-term relationships. They are Dr. Harriet Lanning (Blythe Danner), a veteran ob/gyn who still loves getting up in the middle of the night to deliver babies; Dr. Rae Brennan (Dana Delany), an oncologist with a passionate, adventurous side; Dr. Letty Jordan (Anna Deavere Smith), a headstrong, in-your-face cardiologist; Dr. Jackie Colette (Sasha Alexander), a brash young plastic surgeon; Dr. Jules Keating (Julianne Nicholson), a confident and fiercely independent pediatrician; Dr. Nicholas Kokoris (Oded Fehr), a surgeon who has just moved to San Francisco from Greece to join Presidio Med--and to hopefully continue an affair with one of the group's married physicians; and Dr. Matt Slingerland (Paul Blackthorne), a handsome renegade internist with a tendency to bend the rules. Although their personal beliefs, unique experiences and medical specialties are sometimes at odds, each of these professionals is committed to going beyond the examining table and connecting on a more personal level in support of their patients.

SEASON PREMIERE! Tuesday, September 24, 10/9c

PRODUCED BY: Lydia Woodward Productions and John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: John Wells, Lydia Woodward, Chris Chulack - CREATED BY: Lydia Woodward and John Wells

Blythe Danner: Dr. Harriet Lanning - Dana Delany: Dr. Rae Brennan - Anna Deavere Smith: Dr. Letty Jordan - Sasha Alexander: Dr. Jackie Collette - Julianne Nicholson: Dr. Jules Keating - Oded Fehr: Dr. Nicholas Kokoris - Paul Blackthorne: Dr. Matt Slingerland



About a blue-collar Chicago couple working to raise their three children responsibly and not lose sight of their own youthfulness. After 15 years of marriage, high-school sweethearts Bill (Mark Addy) and Judy Miller (Jami Gertz) still make each other laugh, and try to keep their marriage intact, even when their family pulls them in different directions. Judy's unmarried sister, Linda (Jennifer Irwin), butts heads with Bill, and the Millers' precocious teenage daughter, Lauren (Renee Olstead), thinks her parents are uncool. Meanwhile, their uptight, studious son, Brian (Taylor Ball), is just discovering girls, and their youngest child, Tina (Soleil Borda), would prefer to run around naked. Since Bill has a far more immature approach to marriage and raising children than Judy does, they work at striking a balance and remembering why they love each other, quirks and all.

SEASON PREMIERE! Monday, September 30, 9:30/8:30c

PRODUCED BY: Twentieth Century Fox Television, in association with CBS Productions - EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Diane Burroughs, Joey Gutierrez

Mark Addy: Bill Miller - Jami Gertz: Judy Miller - Jennifer Irwin: Linda - Taylor Ball: Brian Miller - Renee Olstead: Lauren Miller




A very interesting concept from filmmaker Mimi Leder who directed the pilot and serves as an executive producer on the show which centers around a man who wakes up naked on an island and can't remember who he is. He also sees almost everything in black and white. At the same time, however, he's a fountain of knowledge -- he's Mr. Wizard and then some! He parlays spare change into a fashionable Seattle loft, with a high performance formula racing car and silk suits by using his noodle to handicap the ponies at the local off-track betting establishment!

He finds himself working hand in hand with the Seattle police department locating selected missing persons. The selection process is simple: If John Doe sees them (or their pictures) in color he takes an active interest in their case. The police officials don't care much for him or his methods, but they play along because he produces results!

Excellent show, excellent premis! If they can keep up the good work after Ms. Leder vanishes from day to day work on this series it might gain some critical appeal as well as an audience!

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