Opera – A Fast, Lean Browser You Can Try For Free

For the longest time I was a big fan of Netscape 3.1 Gold. It’s a small, fast browser that lets me spawn dozens of clones so I can research many sites at the same time. Something you can’t do with either current versions of Internet Explorer (IE) or Netscape Communicator.

Opera is a nice, lean browser that lets you spawn many other browsers and gives you a lot of flexibility – there are things you can easily do with Opera that you can’t do with either IE or NS!

For starters, Opera includes a download manger (which is a lot like Real Downloads or Gozilla, without the drawbacks). There are also quick pretences that include the ability to defeat Java script and even those annoying pop-up browsers with the click of a mouse button! Try doing these feats with IE...

Like IE Opera has an key function that drops out all the buttons and top portion of the browser (which is far bigger than either IE or NS and in the free version this top portion also include a display ad banner) and gives you a full screen view of the web page, which is really nifty for sites like Issues Magazine! Plus there is the traditional E-mail and Newsgroups features.

Opera also has main screen views for Cache (showing you details about the individual files stored on your machine from recent web site visits), Plug-ins and even your History file (showing which sites you went to recently).

While most of you will probably get the “adware” version of Opera, you can also buy a premium edition of Opera.


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