Fever - Kylie Minogue Capitol ASIN: B00005Y228
Excellent listening from start to finish. The first thing that attracted me to this album was, of course, the big single "Can't Get You Out of My Head" with it's fusion of SKA upbeat to disco downbeat (that's why you find it so interesting to listen to -- it's like a pogo stick, up and down consistently).

I found the rest of the album quite please and easy to listen to. If you're a guy, you'll like the back cover as Ms. Minogue is a paid endorsee for women's undergarments and she has no problems giving us a good endorsement! She previously did an Australian TV commercial stutting her underwears.

She likes being bold and controversial, which is why they often call her the Australian Madonna!

But, she also has a good voice, good production and basically a set of very good tunes on this album if you are in to some high pressure dance grooves.

Let Go - Avril Lavigne Arista ASIN: B000066NW0

I told our Canadian based Editor, Krista, that I lived in great fear of the Canadian music invasion. She didn't know what I was talking about, but here's another example:

Avril Lavigne. First problems with Canadians is they need to speak English and spell in English! What kind of foreign hog-wash spelling is Avril? Huh? Huh?

Second problem, what do they have to be so good at what they do? Huh, huh? Sister Sarah, Neil, Gordon, Celine...

Avril got signed at 16 and now as the #2 hit on Billboard with "Complicated." It can only happen to a Canadian! We in the U.S. just HAVE to close our borders to these scalliwags who just come over and infect our youth! Only radical Canadians do that, you know! Any self-respecting, wholesome Canadian would stay at home and watch the leaves fall to the ground or churn butter to make maple syrup...!

Border Girl - Paulina Rubio Universal ASIN: B000067O2T

And this one is coming from the other border. The one down under. No, not Australia (that's where Kylie's from, way up on the top of this page), but from down under Texas and California! It begins with Xavier Cugat in the 1930s and then Desi Armaz int eh 1940s, followed by Charo in the 1970s, Gloria Esterfan in the 1980s and now look at us! Selina, Shakira and Paulina!

Like the Shakira album I reviewed recently this one is part English and part Spanish.

R&B, Rap and Hi-Hop

Ashanti - Ashanti Universal ASIN: B000063UMO

Self-titled debut albums always read like a stutter!

I first saw her performing live on an afternoon TV show and soon became a fan of her first single on the radio.

Nellyville - Nelly Universal ASIN: B000067RPH

The follow up to his last and highly successful album is quite good (next albums are often weak, but not the case here). Obviously he worked very hard to keep the career in good order! -- "Hey! Must be the money!".

-- ERD


Untouchabels - Korn

It's been a while since Korn has had a new album out. The first time I heard of them was on a road trip to see our old guitarist and studio associated Alan, out in Phoenix. I was with our first lead singer and her grown son, who was giving us an education in modern rock and put on Korn. She and I both liked it instantly! I asked if he had any indepedent undeground recordings from them done before they get signed to major CD making company. Unfortunately he didnt.... -- ERD

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