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In Theaters Now


Good but disappointing.

I've been wanting to see this movie for three months based on the trailer and the trailer played better than the actual movie! Trailer is 4 star, movie is a tarnished 3 star. Still worth seeing, just for the avalanche sequence, which was awesome!

Vin Diesel, who also served as Executive Producer, stars in the film and does good job. But overall it ran like an "average" Bond Film. In the trailer it looked like it didn't take itself seriously -- like the old "Our Man Flint" movies. But the actual film takes itself a little too seriously...

There are lots of explosions, lots of stunts, lots of really great special effects, but the movie drags in places. Shot entirely on location in some dandy places. Lot of metal and punk music (such as the likes of Rammstein). Live bands on stage in Prague (probably them).

One really annoying this where I saw it (an AMC Cinema) was the fact I could see the big, white splice line every 15 seconds at the top of the screen, especially during the nighttime action sequences. That was really shoddy.

Still, it's a good film and will play better on the big, wide screen than on home TV. Easily worth $6.50, but go early so you can switch movies and catch a second film just in case this one left you as unsatisfied as it did with me...!

-- ERD

Rock Star

Guitarist-Producer Richard Scarano tells me this is a great film if you are into music, especially modern, alternative rock.

If you're not into music or play, he says to stay away from this one.

-- ERD


The digitally created star named Simone, has hit theaters August 23, 2002. You might have seen trailers for this film, advertised on TV, and your question is, is the movie really as good as the trailer. You bet. Simone is all about a film director named Viktor Taransky, (Al Pacino,) who is at the end of his career and finally decides to just give up, when he inherits a computer program written by mad inventor who had just passed away. When Viktor goes on his computer to see what the mad man had left him, a most perfect face (Simone) pops up on the screen giving Viktor an ingenious plan!

A few years pass and Viktor finds himself to be living a happier, wealthier life, with the two movies he has created and cast Simone in as leading lady. No one, however, has ever seen this woman in person not even the other actors in the film-- and eventually the press starts to get curious about her, asking to see her in person, and this is where the trouble in the movie starts.

The acting is really good, and the humor is endless. The story makes every second of this movie fun and worth watching! I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


Scary, but not as scary as 13 Ghosts. Every few minutes there's something that'll make you shift uncomfortably in your seat!


The new Austin Powers movie is very funny and features a campy Britney Spears bit at the start.

Both movies are worth seeing!

-- Victoria Bell

Coming Soon

The Tuxedo

Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt (whose music we looked at last month) star in this much advertised film about a magic tux that turns Jackie Chan into SuperChan! Whewww!

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

"My daughter wanted to know why you look so sad. I told her it was because you just got beat up by a woman."

Antonio (Spy Kids) Banderas is agent Ecks and Lucy (Charlie's Angels) Liu is agent Sever in this action, bang-bang, shoot-em up spy movie in which they compete to find the new lethal weapon before the other can get to it first!

Their flash web site:

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