Kurt Kriese

I found this wonderful artist at a neighborhood art fair. His paintings caught my eye for their color and simplicity. After scrutinizing his work I knew that I had to have this artist in our magazine.

foxharbor.jpg (19K)
He is fresh and new with a wonderful sense of color and style. His work is refreshing and simplistic in its style that it makes the eye linger as if to rest on the colors that are presented there.

naptime.jpg (13K)

Kurt Kriese’s artistic talent is evident in his painting and his presentation enjoyable to the senses. You can see the subjects as if in the same room or area. His attention to detail is amazing to say the least. We are proud to add him to our Artistic Arena.

marynell.jpg (17K)

Kurt A. Kriese lives Indianapolis, Indiana and is primarily self-taught. In 1198 and 1999 went to the Indianapolis Arts Center for lessons in Figure Drawing and Painting. He works mainly in watercolor, acrylic, and oils.

In a world of increasing lies, violence and insanity – I search for truths, peacefulness and coherence through art. I love exploring the beauty of forms and color in the human figure and my environment.

Kurt A. Kriese

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