Gun Control

We hear all the time for the need for gun control. What most of these people want are guns removed from society. They blindly believe that if you remove guns from the hands of the legal owners that the criminals using guns will no longer have guns either. This is a communications problem. Government agents and some press services don't bother to point out to the people that the lifetime criminals are professional criminals. Breaking the law, including gun laws, is what these people do. Now some people will tell you that not all crimes with guns are committed by lifetime criminals. This is true, but acts of violence are committed by criminals. Whether the act is the first time or the thirty-first time doesn't matter, they are criminal acts.

You've heard it before and know it is true and actual, but prefer to ignore this point. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. It is my belief, that we as a community should let the enforcement side of our country go after the people that use guns in any illegal act with a clinched, iron fist. And if they have killed with a weapon, we have death penalties for this kind of behavior. No life-in-prison sentences, or cases of insanity and then let them out into society again. The taxpayer doesn't want to support this criminal element indefinitely just because they want the easy way out of working, or they fail to control their emotions. As a gun owner, I tell you, gun control is a multiple level task. It is as much a mindset as it is the physical control of the weapon. In my house, there is only my wife and I, no kids to endanger, no other people, but our guns are under lock and key in our gun safe. And we both know how to use and care for these weapons

The Columbine High School incident was one of the worst shootings the U.S. has ever experienced. People want to blame the guns for the attack. They've read the newspapers, seen the television interviews, and know that the two boys broke into one of their grandfathers gun case and stole the weapons used in the act. Are the guns responsible? Is the grandfather responsible? Is any gun owner that controls his or her property to be held responsible? We have groups out there that go after the gun manufacturers because their product was used in a violent manner. This is wrong just simply because we don't go after FORD, CHEVY or TOYOTA because someone got drunk, got in their car and killed a family that was out for a ride. We go after the driver, we take their cars away, imprison these people and try to educate them against this behavior. This is the policy that must be used when gun violence occurs.

Gun control means hitting your target and the 2nd Amendment states: the right of the people to keep and bare Arms, shall not be infringed. We cannot have guns removed from society and expect that to take care of the criminals that use them illegally. This only takes guns away from the lawful citizens that use them for sport and entertainment purposes.

An aspect everyone might want to consider is how we want society to act. Think about the things in your own life that bring you pleasure and happiness. Now what would your reaction be if groups of people, like yourself, decided that it would be better if you could no longer do these acts or own whatever it is that you enjoy? Examples: Rap or country music, they're not my style or pleasure, give me rock any day, but I'm not going to tell you you can't listen to it. There is gangster rap, about shooting cops and murder, and such acts. But it's not illegal to listen to. If a person listened to this type of music and decided to act it out, they're not going after the singer, or the record label, but the gun manufacturer.

Bugs Bunny, one of the longest running, most popular cartoons out there, and one of my favorites, is chalked full of violence and mayhem. But we let that go without trying to sue Warner Brothers because Billy hit his little brother or sister with a skillet like Bug's does to Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck, and the gang. So, on that note, That'ssssss Allll Folksssss…

Grant has been writing stories of swords and magic for twenty years for his own pleasure. He has one published book, a Vampire tale, Co-Authored by his wife and writing partner Mary. Other fields that have been touched on are space adventures of various kinds, futuristic witchcraft, stories about alternate planes of existence, and others worlds.

Mary keeps the stories focused to guide the readers' perception, making sure others, namely the readers, have a chance to understand what Grant has scribbled onto paper. She not only aides the story line with plot ideas and character development, she is the In-House, first editor on all of the material.

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