From your Editors... 

New Fall Season !

Now that fall is near and another summer is ending, the staff at Issues wishes you a new and interesting fall season.

The staff of Issues Magazine has found some interesting articles and with the new fall season comes opportunities to learn new things.

In this issue, as with all our issues look for helpful hints on how to look good in the coming months. We will have articles on interesting places for you to go and interesting articles for you to read.

We've got another jam-packed issue for you!

We've got another jam-packed issue for you! Our Cover Story focuses on audio, scripting, and video for doing your own videos on your computer. Our Features include information on filters and special effects lenses you can put on many sill or video cameras. We've got new fiction for you to mull over. Our Issues section is loaded with new rants and opinions for your perusal. For all your Technology buffs, we've got some great information on making web pages and programming. Our Entertainment section brings you a slew of updates on what's hot for events, books, television, film, music, and more! In the Lifestyles section, we've got some great recipes. Also featured is an article on how to brew your own root beer and makeover tips for your home. We also have our Singles/Dating personal listings.

So check back with us and read up on the Issues!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out on the Back Page found in the Lifestyle section.

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