Digital Video and Television Special For 2002

Last year this special feature was (and still is) one of most widely read issues, so we have now made this a tradition to go hand-in-hand with the U.S. fall television season, which kicks off in September and October.

Steve Jobs and Apple Computers have been in the forefront of publicizing and trying to advance home video production and editing with the average computer user via their iMac video computer system (pictured at right) which we profiled last year in our Video Special. This year Iowa City High School student Dan Kolen gives us an inside reflection of using this iMac system to make a scripted video as part of a school project. We also take a look at the production specialties of audio for video and lighting for video.

On the PC side we take a hands-on look at the new Pinnacle Studio Deluxe video capture card priced at under $300 that does full 720i capture at 30 frames (there’s also a PAL version for those of you outside the U.S.) from either VHS, S-VHS or FireWire DV and is so simply you can edit by simply dragging and dropping a picture!

Because video capture has a very high minimum throughput rate (4 MB per second) we look at some modern, fast hard drives from Western Digital including their 8 MB cache models and we detail terminology on hard drives and the ATA protocols and learn that there is no such thing as an IDE drive anymore...!

Because of today’s video and audio work a new trend in cutting edge home computing is upon us! Removable hard drives!

If you’re planning on buying a high definition TV set (HDTV) you should read up about D-VHS, the new and only format that offers full 1080p recording and playback of HDTV programs and movies.

Finally, if your idea of digital video is just watching TV, we look at some of the new U.S. fall TV shows in prime time!


Doing Video On Your Computer | The Pinnacle Capture Card | ATA Hard Drives

Hard Drive Terms | Western Digital Drives | Producing A Scripted iMac Video

Audio For Video | Lighting For Video | Digital VHS | Removable Hard Drives

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