Ashworth: the band

I met Ashworth during a music special in my city called the 2-Ring Circus on Saturday, July 13th. They were one of the bands that played outside at the street fair. There were a few bands playing but Ashworth caught my attention. The melodies that were coming from the band end of the street fair drew me in and I went to watch them out of curiosity.
Ashworth is an acoustical alternative folk-rock band with a bite. A big bite! All original lyrics and music. They have an edge to their music that surprises you at first. I watched them perform and the longer I listened to them the more I knew that I had to talk to them.

Adam Nevins is the manager as well as the vocals and guitarist. Bryan Meyers plays drums and percussion. Cory Carleton plays bass. Just three guys to make the best acoustical sounds I have heard in years. I would put them on the same level with someone like the Dave Matthews Band but I think Ashworth has a better flavor.

Adam Nevins has been a finalist in various song competitions. His musical influences have been Scott Dente, Dave Matthews, and Ani Difranco. He has played with The Ben Winters Quartet, the David Theile Band, and many high school and college bands.

Bryan Meyers has played with Mike Roe, Nuclear Monks, and All Great Minds while his musical influences have been Peter Gabriel, Police, and U2.

The bass player, Cory Carleton has played with Three Nails, Blaster the Rocket Boy And Hot Red Nebula. The music of Larry Graham, King's X, and Marcus Miller have influenced him the most.

The original lyrics talk about the the everyday struggles but with a sense of hope that things will be okay. The music of Ashworth takes on a 'holistic approach to songwriting'. Like I said, the music of Ashworh could be compared to bands like Dave Matthews but this band has a bite to it unlike the others. Pay attention to this one!

This is a band that must be watched. They are definitely going places. With Adam's background in music and the experiences of the other two I see nothing but good for this band.


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