Seven Degrees From Center: the band

Watching 7DFC (Seven Degrees from Center) is an amazing thing to see. They use every centimeter of the stage and pour every ounce of their energy into every note of their music. Their performance is not only a show. It is the way they express themselves through the music. I got the feeling that they would have performed the same way even if there had not been an audience.

I met them for an interview and the difference from on stage to off stage was dramatic. I expected more animation, but they could have been quiet because they had just returned from a tour in Atlanta, Georgia. A nice bunch of guys, they were all friendly and open. You could sense the friendship they have for each other.

Their dedication to their music shows by the fact that they practice two to three days a week in the basement (thank you kind neighbors, you are the best).
clockwise starting from the right-Hamed Anwarzai (drummer), Tim Koberstein (vocals), Drew Bowman (bass), and Scott Dubbs (guitar).

Formed in the summer of 2000, the band maintained a rigorous schedule of live performances while recording their first album, Oceans of Absence. They went back to the studio in August of 2001 to record a three song EP which was released in December of 2001.

I was curious how they came up with the name of their band. Tim was told to give me the short and simple version. The name comes from the idea that no one is perfect. Perfection lies at the center and the band is seven degrees from that center of perfection. I didnít ask how many degrees there were but I like the name for its originality.

The strong and emotional vocals of Tim Koberstein blends magically with bass player Drew Bowman, drummer Hamed Anwarazi, and guitar player Scott Dubbs to create an exciting atmosphere. The ambience their music creates is energetic and wonderful.

Some call their music heavy metal and while heavy metal is great in its own right, the music of 7DFC is not heavy metal. It is alternative rock with a twist. The lyrics are all original with an energetic sound and a different kind of beat

The one thing I still can't get over is the fact that this band has only been playing together for two to five years. I expected them to have been playing together for a lot longer. They are so attuned to each other and their music you would think that they have been playing for ten or more years.

'The band prides itself on its emotional and unrelenting live performances'. They do that with a vengeance! They are wonderful to listen to but to catch them live is the best. They are wonderful musicians and performers. I recommend them to everyone and have added them to my list of favorite bands.

Their next show is the Emerson on the seventh of September so if you are in Indianapolis, go see them. You wonít be disappointed!

Seven Degrees From Center

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