May 4, 2001 



ISSUES Magazine, a new bi-monthly web based magazine (URL: debuted at 00:00:01 EDT, May 1, 2001. 

"Placing the world at your fingertips!” 
...with world views, opinions, rants, words, history, foods, cultures, beliefs, aspirations, fiction, fashion, music, poetry, books, issues, rights, comments, pictures, health, quotes, cartoons, letters, web sites, reviews, movies, horoscopes and more... 


Our cover story re-visits the Oklahoma City bombing with an essay by Outsider Jennifer Smith, commentary by Earl R. Dingman on the pending execution, exclusive photos of the Memorial site by M. E. Schmitt and a history of the death penalty. 

Feature stories include an in-depth look at the Crisis in Jerusalem from the birth of civilization right up to the present date, and California's Big Electric Zap with an eye towards the rest of the United States and the summer season. Julie Amison details the plight of wild wolves in Minnesota while  Loretta Stradley gets cold hands and red knuckles with her fridge-id spring cleaning.  Kaya Casper gives the low down on where to get good clothes for a good price, and the works of four modern poets are also showcased. 

Our issues include a commentary on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Also, Krista Barrett delves into Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abduction (beam us up, Scotty) and  Richard Grayson has a very lethal assortment of desktop items all designed for mayhem (he'll just kill you with his views)!  Plus three beasts of the wild do their best to entice fleas to come along for a ride in To The Fleas (Where's the Raid when you need it?). 

We get a little technical with Image Optimization and SSI, and move on to visual astronomy (that's Venus up there in the East) to do a little star searching. Buying a Digital Camera teaches us the do's and don'ts of camera purchases, and Web Based Software provides us with a deeper understanding of the software available today. 

Reviews and profiles boast of "Just Shoot Me!' star David Spade with a review of his new movie 'Joe Dirt', UPN's new offering Special Unit 2, the end of Voyager's adventures, Stargate SG-1, Law and Order, La Femme Nikita, Ally McBeal, as well as unknown musical artists like Elan, lesser- known artists like Nadine Renee, plus looks at mainstream offerings such as Dido, Smash Mouth, Jay-Z and much more music.  Get a taste of ‘Scarborough Faire’ in Dallas, Texas, and Film Festivals around the world where you can see the new, unusual, old and offbeat big screen offerings. We're going to keep you busy all summer long with entertainment! 

In Lifestyles you'll learn about Beer and HealthHow to make your own home brew,  and we look at alternative medicine with Midwifes and Chiropractors. Paul Mauchline asks who has the time for sex!  New-Ager, Darrell, shares his views on Dreams and Mora, the astrologer, predicts the birth signs for this summer. 

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Issues Magazine
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