Witch or Wiccan?

There has been much confusion on what is a witch, pagan, or a Wiccan. Here we attempt to explain the differences.

Not all witches are Pagans. All Wiccans are Pagans. Some witches are Wiccans. Some Wiccans are witches. Some Pagans are neither witches nor Wiccans.

There are many different definitions to Wiccan and witch, but the main difference is that Wicca is the religious side of witchcraft and a witch is someone who practices the craft, but doesn't have any particular religion.

Wicca is an earth based neo pagan religion based on an old religion that didn't leave many sources of information behind. Basically, Wiccans believe in one or more gods and goddesses and that everything in nature is spiritual and sacred.

Many Wiccan are vegetarians, but some are not. A lot of Wiccans practice witchcraft with is only the manipulation of the world's natural energy for a reason. They cast spells and incantations for specific purpose such as good health, or a better job.

Witches are people who practice witchcraft. Some Wiccans do so also. Wiccans and witches do not believe in Satan so they are not Satanists. Some Satanists call themselves witches.

There are many different kinds of witches, but the Wiccan belief systems are all basically the same. Most have a goddess as their main deity with a god as her consort. Some have other gods and goddesses as well.

The term pagan may refer to anyone who is not Christian. Hindus and Moslems would be such a people, though they are not Wiccan or witches.

One thing for you to understand is that all these people are the same as you and I. You may even work with them. They raise families like you and they go to the movies and out to dinner like you. They can no more harm you than anyone else. You would more than likely be harmed by a non-witch or non-Wiccan person. For most witches and Wiccans it goes against their ethics and rules to harm people.

* * *

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