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Brannon Baraga is one of the principal writers and producers of this show. His previous credits includes many years with Star Trek the Next Generation and co-authoring the story for Mission Impossible 2.

The premise of this show is derived from Michael Crichton’s first novel “The Andromeda Strain” in which a scientist proposes a set of protocols for dealing with lethal contamination from outter space probes in which a team of scientists is assembled on demand to handle the situation.

In this story a woman named Molly, who is a scientist, establishes a set of protocols for dealing with extra teresstrial first contact and they got it in the pilot episode which co-stars Brent Spiner, a Star Trek Next Generation alumni (he was Data).

Apparently an “alien” object arrives on Earth and starts fooling with our DNA, in which even Molly and two of her team members may be altered as a result of their watching a video made on a ship out at sea that was in the path of the object.

Several crew members of that ship have vanished, while others have been found dead and contorted without any reason.

The conculsions drawn is that some people are suseptible to this alien ‘modification” and others react violently to their death.

The team, which is cloistered against thier will in a factility (known as project Threshold) has also discovered that audio signals may hold a clue. In trying to check this out they broadcast a signal hoping to lure the missing crew members from the ship and actually do get one, but also coming towards the area where the broadcast is being made are "common man” from all walks of life who appear to be infected, leading us to beleive that this “problem” is spreading beyond the “containment” area.

This is where the pilot left off and it was a very well made, creible and entertaining two hours woth checking out. Now what we need to know is how they will deal with this on a week to week basis!


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