New Online Tool Makes Kids Smart and Spelling Fun

WizardsSpell Eases Frustration of Parents and Children With
Learn-to-Spell Process

WizardsSpell, a new web-based, interactive spelling tool, helps children improve their spelling skills and build confidence in their ability to learn, especially those with learning disabilities. Using sound and visual techniques, WizardsSpell encourages children to use multiple senses to memorize words. By making spelling easy and fun, WizardsSpell can help improve grades and build a foundation for future learning.

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WizardsSpell was created by web designer Melanie Gann, who sought to boost the spelling skills and self-confidence of her daughter, age 10. Her daughter's auditory processing problems make it difficult for her to distinguish sounds and make sense of spelling rules. Both parent and child experienced frustration after trying therapies, tutoring and special software and seeing little improvement. After using WizardsSpell, Melanie's daughter's grades soared.

"Unlike other spelling tools, WizardsSpell lets children create lists from words they are assigned at school," Melanie said. "Therefore, the results are visible to them. They begin to see that practice does in fact work, and just as importantly, the tool allows them to practice on their own. Building something that helped my daughter, and could potentially help other children, is enormously satisfying."

WizardsSpell lets parents and teachers track practice and see where there are spelling difficulties. They can also create lists that target weak areas.

The tool is available at http://www.wizardsspell.com. It is subscription-based and allows a family of four to subscribe for $8 per month. Additional options are available for larger families and groups.

Dannette Greenwell, an early subscriber, said, "I signed my son up this afternoon, and we have already studied his spelling words. This is the first time in four years that the session has not ended with him in tears. He actually had fun! This is the answer we have been looking for."

WizardsSpell.com is a product of WizardsWare, LLC. Formed in 2005, the company is a small firm specializing in interactive web-based learning products. They are committed to minimizing homework pain and finding ways to make kids smarter.



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