IPv6 Now In Progress

Slowly but surely the whole world is changing from Internet Protocol Version 4 to Version 6.

The primary need for this change is the same as it has been with home computers. To keep pace with the new!

Version 4 is a 32 bit system (remember, when the Internet was invented back in the late 1970s “super computers” were all 16 bit systems) while version six is 64 bit.

As with home computers you reach that brick wall. The same applies to the Internet. Using Version 4 only about 4.3 billion unique addresses (or IPs) are possible, but the population of the world is well over that amount in the number of people, let along the number of “fictitious” or business names.

As we discussed last month in 64 bit computers, upping the ante allows you the ability to have more! Original home computers (8/16 bit) could only address 65,535 unique addresses, which was known as a 64 KB wall or barrier. In order to “see” floppy disks with 1.2 million “spaces” to occupy they had to devise a routine to help your nearsighted computer go the distance. These things were known by a variety of names such as HIMEM and EMM386. These software crutches made is possible to see more RAM (memory) and more drive space beyond 64 KB. It was the primary reason why DOS died, even though our Windows systems are still backwards compatible to the old Intel 64 KB processors like the 8088!

Current 32 bit technology limits your computer to 4.3 GB, however they devised systems so that older computers like mine can use 100 GB hard drives. Going to a pure 64 bit system allows a computer to directly access trillions of bytes of data. Therefore we will see a 100 TB (Terra Byte) hard drive down the line!

Switching the Internet from V4 to V6 means the same thing! More than a trillion people and businesses can each have their own unique IP or home page web site with no hassles and V6 is backwards compatible to V4 so the transition is seamless.

At this point you don’t even know if you are on V4 or V6 unless you run a check. If you want to find out which protocol your host or service provider is using go to the link below and it will give you a whole bunch of information about your IP address....


Also contributing to this was Orion Cheung


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