2005 Holiday Special

The period from November well into the New Year is packed with a load of world-wide celebrations and holidays.

Right at the start of November the Near Eastern Hindu Diwali celebration begins and a few days later comes another holiday for those of the Islamic faith.

In the United States our Thanksgiving comes near the end of November and then both Jewish and Christian religions have a host of holiday and celebration days in the month of December.

Starting right after Christmas comes the African-American celebration Kwanzaa, which we detail elsewhere in this issue.

Christian celebrations continue into January and February.

While in the Northern part of the world the weather is getting colder and many places will see a “white Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Chaunika)” in the Southern part of the world it is getting hotter, so those “down under” are swimming, surfing, boating, sunbathing and barbecuing!

Whatever you celebrate over the next few months, be well and happy!

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