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This will be the hot issue for the next year or two until some court makes a decisive ruling, which is one distinct possibility.

The science of evolution I rank right up there with cosmology (the universe), meteorology (weather studies) and seismology (Earthquakes) as a weak field. All seismologist can tell us is that “the big one is coming” they can’t say where or when with any predictability. Everyone knows when the weatherman says it will be sunny and warm to bring you coat and umbrella! As for cosmology they can’t even decide if Pluto is or isn’t a planet! When it comes to Darwin and Evolution we fall into the abyss know as the “missing link” which is the remains of something the bridges man and monkey. The problem is, it's, well, uh, missing! We can't seem to find anything bridges that gap between monkey and man...

Ever watch those science programs on Discovery or PBS that show how a 50 foot tall reptile now long extinct morphes into a field mouse via evolution. I can’t, for the life of me, find any visible logic in the morphology! I mean for me it's a "leap of faith" to believe how that big lizzard became some little bird, field mouse or pussy cat! Reminds me a litte of the BBC Sci-Fi show "White Dwarf" where after 10,000 years the man's pet cat evolved into a walking human. Now that concept's enough to put the fear of God into you!

One of the most interesting thing I’ve noted is just how close the “big bang theory” comes to reading like the first few pages of “Genesis” in the King James Bible. The first place they really part ways is in the creation of man. Science says man crawled out of the muck from the primordial pools of water and eventually morphed into The Donald. The Bible says man was formed from the dust or dirt of the Earth with a might breath from God to give him life. But they two fields tend to agree on everything else up to that point!

Of course “big bang” is not the only point of view.

I find it equally bad to teach the scientific views as being “the final word” as much as I an opposed to teaching creationism as “the final word,” but I think there is room to teach both, so long as the “equal time” provision applies.

Not only do we have to teach Judeo-Christian creationism, but we need to look at all religions and philosophies and put them up there side by side. The view of the American Indians, for example, or the Buddhists and Hindus. They deserve as much time as Darwin, Genesis and Evolution.

Darwinism and Evolutionism, by the way, are two vastly different topics. To some people Darwin is to evolution as Freud is to Psychiatry!

Evolutionists aren’t all Darwinists and all Darwinists don’t view evolution the same as all evolutionists!

It’s quite confusing and it would be best to teach all children that a lot of different views exist in this big, wide world and no one, for sure, has the final say or absolute right answer! There is no “one way” that any scientist or theologian can say with absolute certainty is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Creationists can’t quite explain Chinese, Negro, Hispanic, Indian, Semite and Scandinavian physical appearance traits very well if all of us came from Adam, Eve and the “sons of God” – which, according to Genesis, is the lineage of man. Who was black, yellow, red or Lilly white? Was Adam a Negro or Chinese? Where some of God’s son’s Hispanic or American or Mayan Indian? Did God have black and white sons?

Is it possible that as man moved from the point of being cast out of Eden that different colors, oops, here’s a dirty word, evolve from Adam, Eve, their offspring and those who married the “sons of God” and had offspring. Did your various skin pigments and facial features change due to the various parings and inbreeding that certainly must occur in such a closed cultural environment.

The Bible is kinda vague on this area of creationism.

And, if science eventually discovers that some very advanced “alien” race of beings came to Earth (or even created Earth artificially through advanced science) and “created” man as an experiment, maybe a cloning experiment. Well, then, the Creationist would have been closer to the truth than Darwin. In fact if that actually did happen then Darwin and Evolution are total falsehoods.

We have no idea what man will discover in 2,000 more years as we travel out into space and find out what really is out there!

Once upon a time men of science said man could never fly. Man would die if he traveled more than 60 miles per hour. That the Earth was the center of the Universe and everything revolved around the Earth. These were the most brilliant minds “teaching” our young children “science” as they knew it to be true. Oh and yes, disease is caused by unbalanced humors and bile and you must bleed the patient to death to bring the body fluids back into alignment! That was a brilliant brain surgeon talking some several thousand years ago!

We shouldn’t limit our views and we shouldn’t limit our teaching. All beliefs on the origin of the species should be discussed with equal time, equal care and equal representation. This is not teaching religion in schools, but simply telling our children that a lot of people in this world have a lot of ideas as to how we all got here – and here they all are! That is good teaching, plain and simple!


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