From your Editors... 

Summer is coming to the North...!

In our Features This month in our Special Cover Feature we "Spring into Summer" once again with a world-wide listing of festivals and events, along with past articles on special points of interest such as Cedar Point in Ohio. For those of you into flowers and plants we look at soil and additives to help make them grow strong, healthy and quickly!

Our other feature pieces include an exclusive interview with #1 best selling author ("North and South") John Jakes, from Associate Editor Christine K. Rex. Jakes even gives us a taste of things to come with his next hardcover topic!

Getting us into the forthcoming United States Independence Day, Christine also profiles J.D. Sutton's "Thomas Jefferson" a live stage presentation he does not only in this country, but if required around the world!

We also start our first installment of the History of the United States from hostile colonial life in the early 1600's right up to Jefferson and the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Our other "Non-Fiction" includes a look at the new Roman Catholic Pope, Benedict the XVI and the hottest political topic in the U.S. right now, Social Security and Private Retirement Accounts.

Continuing our coverage on Social Security, which we also covered in the last issue, in our Issues department there is the opinion we should "lift the cap" on maximum contributions and that Jane Fonda's face is all wet, but that's just another "rant!"

A bulk of the "Issues" articles, however, deals with another hot topic: The Schiavo right to live/die case that split the American people and government with three, count 'em, three points of view on this matter from our resident trouble makers: Dan Davis, C. Kerr and R. Madding! Enough, already!

In our Lifestyles we look at growing pains from Canadian humorist David Leonhardt. Plus our continuing saga on religion brings us to Martin Luther and the foundation of Protestant or reformist religions.

As a taste treat in "foods" we offer you Royal Burgers and to help get them back off your waistline we suggest walking and biking in the nice weather of Northern Hemisphere summer.

In Technology we look at two free music players, one from Winamp and the other from Music Match, side by side. Hi-tech flashlights are "reviewed" comparing the so-called "krypton" high-intensity bulbs to the modern "LED" units in palm sized varieties.

If you're looking to buy a computer we give you some reasons to buy an "out of the box" system and at the same time why maybe you shouldn't "buy" out of the box! What a paradox!

Our movie reviews can be found in the Entertainment section as well as our artist pages and what is new on TV, including a look at the new NBC limited series "Revelations" and the continuing saga of "Veronica Mars." We have the latest in music and what is good to read. So check it out!

If you missed our last issue, you can check it out on the Back Page, which is also found in the Lifestyle section. So check back with us and read up on the Issues!

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