Evolution and 'Intelligent Design'
(Creationism) Debate in U.S. Court

There is no conflict or contradiction between Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection and what is written in Genesis. Conflicts have arisen because some parts of Genesis have been mistranslated or misinterpreted.

Creationism apparently assumes that the resulting erroneous text correctly states God's deeds.

And it seems that 'Intelligent Design' assumes that the same erroneous text could correctly state the deeds of some other supernatural being.

There is no conflict or contradiction between what is recorded in Genesis and what we know about evolution of human beings. Genesis states clearly how Hominoids, then Homo erectus, then Homo sapiens evolved, and their corresponding changes of behaviour, feeling and thinking.

For example, the allegory telling about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden describes the evolution of Homo sapiens (human beings, ourselves) from Homo erectus in a way which could be understood at the time it was written. Genesis records that childbirth became more difficult as a result of the increased brain size (evolution of neocortex) which enabled Homo sapiens to know the difference between good and evil and to choose between them. Also stated is the necessary division of work between the male and the female, as equals in different roles, in protecting and bringing up their children, and much more.

Genesis' main concern is religious, is to define good and evil and point to the root of evil.


The Meaning of Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil


Genesis can now be understood as it was intended to be
understood, following the publication of "The Meaning of
Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil," by
Manfred Davidmann. See his website for details or contact:




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