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Hundreds Dead or Injured in Argentina Club Fire
A serious fire broke out in a music club in Argentina during a Los Callejeros concert being attended by 1,500+ fans. At least two witnesses say the fire began after flares were set off by fans, which seemed to ignite foam insulation on the roof, much like the disaster in Rhode Island.

It is common for fans to ignite flares at concerts, according to those in the know down in Argentina.

Many club goers fell and were trampled by others fleeing the scene. Some said that some of the emergency doors were locked.

Artie Shaw Dead At 94
Swing era, big-band leader Artie Shaw died today. His band was one of the top five playing jazz in the 1940's "swing" era.

In the 1980's Shaw hand-picked a younger man to continue in his tradition and use the band name. The "Artie Shaw" band is probably the only surviving big-band "officially" still working and touring, although Shaw hasn't played clarinet with the band in years and was in retirement.

Shaw was the last surviving "main man" from this classic era of jazz music, although many "side men" are still performing and making waves in a more modern format of jazz.

Jerry Orbach Dies
A stage, screen and television actor since he was 16 years old, Jerry Orbach, most recently one of the main stars on the long-running NBC hit show "Law and Order" died from prostate cancer at the age of 69. Orbach was set to star in the newest spinoff "Law and Order Trial by Jury" which airs on NBC as a new series. 12-28-04
Tsunami Death Toll Keeps Rising
On Saturday (Christmas) a major Earthquake hit the Southern Pacific rim off-shore in the ocean neat atolls close to Tasmania. No ocean activity was noted immediately after this massive 8.9 tremblor, but on Monday major wave activity, known as the Tsunami effect, came as a result of these Earthquakes. These waves struck the entire lower Pacific rim region and travelled as far away as the South Western African coastline, leaving destruction, death, injury and debris.

At least one scientists claims the "wobble" of the Earth (an approximate 33 feet) may have increased by as much as 1 inch and that the spin (rotation) of the Earth may have slowed making the day shorter by several microseconds (less than the time it takes for a computer to process a single bit of data). 12-08-04
Former Pantera Guitarist Shot On Stage
Dimebag'' Darrell Abbott, guitarist and songwriter with the heavy metal band Pantera in the 1990's, was shot to death on stage by a man in a hooded sweatshirt just after his new band, Damageplan, began playing at a club in Columbus, Ohio.

The shooter also shot a club bouncer and other people, before being shot by a policeman who responded to an emergency call from the club.

Hundreds of patrons at the club exited in haste after the shots were initially fired.

Reasons for the attack are unknown, but a club-goer speculated it was a "grudge."

Dick Clark Suffers Mild Stroke
American Bandstand host, rock and roll showcase king and producer Dick Clark sufferred a mild stroke and expects to return to work shortly, including hosting the 2004/2005 New Years show he's done for ages... 12-07-04
U.S. To Pass Intellegence Reform Bill
Largely based on the recomendations of the so-called "9-11" report, the U.S. Legislature is expected to pass and President Bush is expected to sign new Intellegence reforms aimed at helping to coordinate the various agencies under one central clearing house that reports to the White House.

Grammy Nomiations
Kanye West, Usher, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Green Day, Loretta Lynn, Prince and Al Schmitt picked up a major share of the Grammy nominations today.

Usher, who probalby has the most popular album, is sure to win several times. Ray Charles, who just passed away, will also probably get some recognition, as will West and possibly Schmitt. Keys and Jones have won in recent time and may see a few awards this year also, but Usher's hot album is anticipated to do for him what Carlos Santana and Lauryn Hill saw in past years with their huge releases...

Ukraine Election Up In The Air
The Supreme Court in the Ukraine has called for a good hard look at the recent election in which the Moscow backed candidate (Viktor Yanukovich, who is currently Prime Minister of the government) beaten Viktor Yushchenko in a run-off election on Sunday. Sounding much like the 2000 election in the United States between Bush and Gore. Yushchenko is backed by the EU and the "West" while Yanukovich is backed by Moscow and favors closer ties with Russia.

The Ukraine was once part of the U.S.S.R. but is now an indepdent country.

Many feel the election was rigged or otherwise tampered with. It is unclear what will happen in the immediate future.

Man Stabbed At Vibe Award Show Taping
Chairs were thrown, fights broke out and a man was stabbed (and now in stable condition) at the Vibe Award Show taping, just as musician-producer Quincy Jones was about to make a presentation.

U.S. Raises Debt Limit
Congress gave its final approval to increase the limit to a new $8.184 trillion ceiling and President Bush will sign this into law. This is part of the new Conservative mandate made by the voters in the November 4th election.

Fallujah Totally Occupied
Fallujah, Iraqi is now totally occupied by American and Iraqi troops in an effort to free the city from insurgents.

Rice To Replace Departing Powell
President Bush has tapped Condoleezza Rice to replace Collin Powell as Secretary of State. Powell has decided to resign. Rice may be easily placed into the position.

Scott Peterson Convicted
Scott Peterson was convicted Friday of murdering his pregnant wife and dumping her body in San Francisco Bay. Two jurors were removed from the trial, which has taken about five months to complete.

Arafat Buried In West Bank
The body of Yassir Arafat was flown to Palestine from a funeral service originally held in Egypt that was attended by many Arab high ranking representatives. Arafat will be entombed near the compound where he was staying during the last months of his life.

Unofficial Report: Arafat Dead

An unconfirmed report says that Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat is dead. It is unclear if this is literal, medical or figurative.

Iraq Declares Martial Law

Cerfews are being set and major ofensives in Fallujah are taking place.

This state of emergency has a current time limit of 60 days.

Wisconsin To Teach Creationism In Public Schools
A new Wisconsin law mandates that creationism (and possibly other alternative concepts of the creation of the universe) be taught in public schools, but leaves it up to local school boards to decide how to impliment this policy.

Ohio and Pennsylvania are also working on similar plans.

These policies are a part of the new conservative mandate in the United States, although they have been planned long before the re-election of President Bush.

Newly Re-Elected President Bush Sets Adjenda
President Bush and his now strong majority government in both houses is planning the next four years, which includes placing anti-abortion judges on as many Federal courts as possible, including into the Supreme Court. Liberals and Democrats will now have a very difficult time keeping such judges from being "rubber stamped" into office.

The overt changes President Bush is talking about center around the areas of intellegence (the CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies), tax laws and security in the U.S. and the world.

Yassir Arafat Reported To Be In A Coma
PLO leader Yassir Arafat is said to be comatose in a French hospital. He's beleived to have Lukemia or some other form of cancer.

Conservative Republicans Win Big In U.S.

The election probably won't be official until the end of this week or start of next week, as some votes are so close challenges will occur. As it currently stands, President Bush will squeek in a second time as President, but will now have less obstacles to overcome in Congress as there are more conservative Republic Senators and House Members.

What this means is that moderate-conservative issues will easily pass and be signed into law in almost a rubber stamp process, however deeply conservative issues will still face challenge and delay, but many of this issues could be enacted in the next two years than over the previous two years.

Issues such as "national" prayer and religious matters will probably not materialize, but other moral issues such as abortion and those affect the gay population may be enacted.

U.S. Election Day News

Today's U.S. Presidential election is a hotly contested and watched fight for political control. More so that in any other election on record! As a result extraordinary measures are being taken, that are usually reserved for foreign nations such as Iraq and El Salvador to make sure "rigging" doesn't occur in the election process. As of 10 AM Eastern time here's what is already being reported:

Poll watchers in Philadelphia, PA have discovered several "voting machines" already filled with vote numbers prior to the polls actually opening (while the numbers are not serious -- in the 300 to 500 range -- this is still a shocking fact).

Foreign poll watchers have been brought into the United States to oversee the voting in several states, including Florida and California.

One U.S. Supreme Court Justice has allowed Republicans to make challenges at the polls (which means they can question voters and force identification to make sure they are properly registered).

A poll worked named "Stacey" called up the Howard Stern show stating that in Philadelphia where she worked at the polls they had a list of soliders who were registered to vote and at the end of the day the workers would make the votes for those soliders who didn't show up!

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