A Solitary Wicca Yule Ritual

On or about December 21 to celebrate the night of the solstice, the longest night of the year. All wait while within the Cauldron; the Dark King is transformed into the Infant Light. Watch for the coming of dawn, when the Great Mother again gives birth to the Divine Child Sun, who is bringer of hope. Time itself, stops.

Decorate altar with pinecones. Evergreen boughs, strings of miniature lights, and red and/or green ribbons/streamers, a miniature evergreen tree. The God candle should be in the cauldron. Buy a gift and wrap it and then place it on the altar

Prepare a Simple Feast for afterwards to replenish your energy and to celebrate. The Simple Feast usually consists of cakes and ale. The cakes traditionally are "Crescent Cakes", actually a kind of cookie. The wine is just regular wine, but substitutions may be used. A popular alternative is store-bought cookies or crackers, drunk with juice or milk.

Cast the circle and invoke the God, but leave his candle unlit.
"Here I am on this night, Yule, Midwinter, the winter solstice, the nativity of the Sun, the time of the longest night. I am here to understand life, death, and rebirth, and to give reverence to those who have endured each."

Bow your head and think about how Yule fits into the wheel of the year and one of the three groups above.

"I stand at the gate between the living and the dead on this night when the light is at its least and the dark is at its most. I am here to witness the birth of my God the divine child, the waxing Sun God; the chosen consort of his Moon Mother. Rebirth....a necessary transition on the wheel of the year..."

Light the God candle with the Goddess candle. Place the Goddess candle right outside the cauldron; Place the God candle right next to it.

"Reborn is the beloved Divine Child, one of the three faces of my God, and soon to go to rest in the beloved Crone, one of the three faces of my Goddess. I watch as the God travels to the Earth and the Goddess travels to the land of the Spirit to turn the Wheel of the Year."

Open the Gift you bought yourself. Say:
"May the new year bring happiness to all. I shall never forget the turning of the wheel. Only then in the forgetfulness and neglect will it fail me."

Close your circle and enjoy the Simple Feast with the addition of nuts.

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