Our Holiday Special

This is our annual holiday issue and we try to cover as much information about world holidays as we can find (drop us a line if we missed your favorite holiday and tell us about it, when it occurs and maybe refer us to a web site for more information for next year).

As we have done in the past we are linking you up to offerings from our last issue – some may be out of date a little (some holidays like Ramadan or Thanksgiving vary from year to year), if so we apologize, but remember some of it is from last year and we don’t want to duplicate things! Most of this information is, however, still valid or informative.

Our holiday issue, as a matter of record, is the most read issue all year long. Yes, that’s correct people look up “winter” seasonal holidays in the “summertime” (yes, we know below the equator things get reversed).

In this issue you will learn how to pick and trim a Christmas tree, make a stocking or wreath, bake a stolen (Christmas cake), gets some shipping tips you may not have considered and we have a good selection of girls for him, her and them. We have musical gifts on CD or cassette, techo or electronic gift and 63 (or more) gifts you can buy for under $10 US.

We also give you some background on the traditions of the Christian, Muslin, Jewish and we even cover Deepavali (or Diwali) which is celebrated in parts of India, Singapore and some other lands in that region. For those who think it’s all a bunch of humbug, we have some reading the feed your frenzy in that department!

We also cover our mainstay topics including Astronomy (the night skies which are filled with meteors, solar eclipses and in the early morning the brighter planets), Astrology (what’s your sign, eh?), web design issues, computer technology, a look at the West Nile virus now bugging a lot of people, new fiction, part two of our on-the-road truck driver saga!

Have a happy and a merry but do it safe and sane!

See you all next year...

Our Holiday Special Issue continues with these offerings:

From this year (2002):
Holiday Festivals, Displays and Events - Bah Humbug! - Gift Ideas Under $10
Some Unique Mail Order Gifts - Staying In The Holiday Spirit
Holidays Around the World

From last year (2001):
Diwali - India's Festival Of Lights - Christmas Around The World
The Origin of Some Christmas Traditions - Picking and Trimming a Christmas Tree
Shipping Your Holiday Gifts - Oh Ye Disbelievers: The Fable of Saint Nick
Gifts She'll Love - Wreath - Stockings - Stollen -
Techno Gifts - CD Musical Stocking Stuffers from Then to Now - Every pick's a hit!


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